SCH Advisors – Week Beginning 10th September – Major News – Jack Ma to Step Down in 2019

Jack Ma – Leaving Alibaba Board in Sept 2019

After several days of speculation and unsubstantiated rumours, Alibaba’s founder finally clears up his succession plans.

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 10, 2018 / — Jack Ma will step down as executive chairman of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. in exactly 12 months’ time with Chief Executive Officer Daniel Zhang to succeed him at Asia’s most valuable company.

Ma will remain on the board until Alibaba’s annual meeting of shareholders in 2020, the Hangzhou-based company said in a statement Monday. His retirement as executive chairman will coincide with his 55th birthday.

Ma has become synonymous with the company he helped found in his apartment nearly 20 years ago and has used the chairman’s post to develop managerial talent since ceding the CEO’s role in 2013. He is moving on with Alibaba in a dominant position in China and pushing into overseas markets from Southeast Asia to Russia. Leadership will now fall to Zhang and the 35 other partners who control the company.

“Starting the process of passing the Alibaba torch to Daniel and his team is the right decision at the right time, because I know from working with them that they are ready,” Ma said in the statement. “Since he took over as CEO, he has demonstrated his superb talent, business acumen and determined leadership.”

A former English teacher, Ma started in 1999 as a business-to-business marketplace with 17 co-founders. An investment from Japan’s SoftBank Group Corp. helped the company expand to allow consumers in China buy online and fueling its rise. Through the Taobao and Tmall platforms, it is responsible for billions of dollars in sales and last year saw daily package deliveries reach 55 million.

Alibaba has since moved beyond e-commerce into cloud computing, digital payments, health care, Hollywood movies and backing China’s startups. Its share price has more than doubled since its record 2014 initial public offering, climbing to a market value of about $420 billion.

“Ma possesses an enviable clarity about how everything fits together,” said Martin Smith, senior advisor at SCH Advisors. “He has understood Chinese consumer needs better than anyone and provided online services to meet them through convenience, entertainment and efficiencies.”

Ma said in an interview with Bloomberg TV last week that he plans to shift his focus to philanthropy and education, taking him back to his profession before starting an e-commerce empire. He has created a foundation in his own name, modeled in part of the efforts of Microsoft Corp. co-founder and fellow billionaire Bill Gates.

“I’ve prepared a Jack Ma Foundation. All these things that I’ve been preparing for 10 years,” he said, who is now China’s richest man. “There’s a lot of things I can learn from Bill Gates. I can never be as rich, but one thing I can do better is to retire earlier.”

Ma has remained the public face of Alibaba and is a charismatic advocate for his country’s technology industry, showing off his wit and dispensing folksy wisdom on the global stage. That made him China’s highest profile business leader, a rarity in a country where many come up through the ranks of state-owned enterprises and is a staunch defender of its ruling Communist Party.

“There isn’t a face or name more recognizable globally that represents the rise of China’s internet and its consumers than Jack Ma,” said Smith.

Ma has headlined conferences around the world and was one of the first foreign business leaders to meet with Donald Trump after his election. He has struck a careful balance even as tensions between China and the U.S. have risen over trade.

But he has also said in the past that he isn’t happy being the wealthiest person in China, where vast personal fortunes have only emerged in recent years and are subject to intense scrutiny.

A number of high profile executives have vanished from public view only to turn up later in connection to corruption or criminal probes, including the heads of Anbang Insurance Group Co. and CEFC China Energy Co.

Such scandals haven’t been associated with Ma or Alibaba.

The e-commerce company has one of the strongest management teams in corporate China and, even if he steps down, Ma is likely to still have a role in setting top level strategy, concluded Martin Smith.

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An Exclusive Crypto Debit Card

Cryptassist Debit Card

Cryptassist Debit Card

Cryptassist aims to make crypto simple and useful for everyone in everyday life. That’s why we have included an innovative debit card.

Cryptassist (CTA:CTA)

TALLINN, ESTONIA, September 10, 2018 / — Cryptassist aims to make crypto simple and useful for everyone in everyday life. That’s why we have included an innovative debit card.

Members will be able to convert their top 50 cryptocurrencies into CTA that will conveniently be converted to fiat and put directly onto an exclusive prepaid debit card. The debit card may be used as any other debit card, anywhere that Visa or MasterCard is accepted, at ATMs around the world and for online and offline purchases.

The Cryptassist debit card is a unique opportunity for users; with a premium design and all the features users would expect of a debit card

Debit Card Features:

• Top 50 cryptocurrencies accepted

• Competitive low fees

• Can be conveniently used at ATMs around the world

• Online and offline purchasing

To learn more about the Debit Card or the Cryptassist platform, please visit our website or download our Whitepaper at

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Cryptassist office Walkthrough

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The Sage Group Announces Sage Real World Intelligence (“Sage RWI”), A Unique Resource for Product and Market Assessment

Sage RWI is a resource for product and market access to identify unmet needs and value, assess competition, and optimize product profiling and product.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, September 10, 2018 / — New York, London and Tel Aviv, 10 September 2018 – The Sage Group (, leaders in the provision of strategic and transactional services to healthcare and life science companies, in cooperation with Data2Life (, a leading patient-voice analytics company, is introducing a groundbreaking business intelligence service for the healthcare industry. Sage RWI is a unique resource for product development and market access assessments and analysis to identify unmet needs and value, assess competition, and optimize new product profiling and product positioning.

Sage RWI ( offers our clients the opportunity to trade “guess work” for competitive market intelligence gathered using advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning. Sage RWI’s collaboration with Data2Life builds on their existing market intelligence services to offer “Patient-Centric Digital-Health Analytics”. Data2Life’s expertise relates to the ability to apply machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms in order to understand and normalize textual inputs issued from a set of medical and social media sources, creating a large scientific ground of factual data-points. This plays a key role in the Sage RWI service offerings.

The surge of patient level data following mandates to adopt and demonstrate meaningful use of electronic health records (EHR) and the emergence of the patient voice on social media are transforming the healthcare industry. The anticipated transition to value-based care requires critical context to measure and apply actual healthcare data in the form of Real World Intelligence (RWI) for a knowledgeable and ‘real’ dialogue with providers and payers.

A key component of Sage RWI is their relationship with Data2Life, leaders in Patient-Voice RWD Analytics. Sage RWI applies advanced algorithms, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning technologies, to analyze electronic health records from around the world (EHRs), distill the patient voice in social media, and scan the literature. Exclusive access over 20 years to this longitudinal, real world data (RWD) across all treatment settings (inpatient, ambulatory, diagnostic) produces unique perspectives for Sage RWI clients.

The Main Sage RWI Service Offerings
The RWD report and literature profiles
Exclusive, customized, rapid turnaround, economical RWD report on client’s target competitive arena providing real insights about healthcare practice and outcomes in multiple measures:
– Population Cohort and Patient Characteristics
– Adherence and Switching Patterns
– Concomitant Therapies
– Distribution of Serious Adverse Events
– KOL Map (influencers, publications, digital presence)

In-depth interviews, survey research, and direct corporate contacts
The Sage RWI report, compiled with Data2Life, is a comprehensive, moderately priced tailored-to-need “critical context research” that incorporates RWD insights in the development of advanced research tools to conduct professional interviews and surveys.
● RWI Brief a ‘passport’ to engage industry leaders and experts.
● Topic Guide for in-depth discussions with KOLs, practicing specialists, medical directors and gatekeepers to obtain insights on market dynamics
● Internet Questionnaire for survey of professionals in the field of interest

Strategic Assessment
Offering therapeutic area expertise and decades of experience in medical marketing and business development, Sage RWI provides comprehensive value creating strategic assessments and recommendations including Executive Value Propositions which clarifies business opportunity for investment decisions, Medical Needs Analysis which drive development priorities for best market entry, Breakthrough Strategy which defines competitive advantage for differentiation and positioning, Market Access which determines the ‘value messages’ necessary to overcome gatekeeper hurdles, Portfolio Value which establishes the value/risk contribution of various pipeline strategies, and Go-to-Market anticipates sales and marketing resources for optimal reach and penetration.

Leading this endeavor for The Sage Group are highly experienced industry executives:

Harris (Jeb) Gollin is a Health Economist with over 30 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Jeb has attained senior management positions with major companies in strategic business intelligence and portfolio management.
Bob Nance is an experienced sales and marketing executive and a consultant in market research, strategic planning and strategic transactions with over thirty years of experience in pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and consumer products.
Data2Life founded in 2014 is powered by professional and technical teams across the Machine learning and Data science spectrum. The company is led by its two founders with a track record of success in Health IT entrepreneurial endeavors and know-how to make sense out of the BigData.

Jeb Gollin, Director of Sage RWI stated, “We are delighted to announce the Sage RWI program. Our collaboration with Data2Life based on our mutual experience over 20 years is highly innovative and able to deliver the data and tools to make strategic product and market decisions. We believe this offers our clients and partners a great opportunity for market leadership based on real world intelligence.”

Bob Nance, Head of Sage RWI’s Client Services Team, stated, “Our new Sage RWI service has been developed in response to strong market interest and demand in real world data analytics to enable strategic decisions in an increasingly complex market. We believe our work with the Sage RWI platform provides an excellent opportunity for our clients to gain competitive advantage in the fast moving field of healthcare intelligence.”

About The Sage Group and Sage RWI

The Sage Group is a senior-level health care, technology oriented, strategy and transaction advisory firm formed in 1994. The team of highly experienced healthcare executives has substantial strategic, analytical, and hands-on operating experience in the clinical, regulatory and product development disciplines as well as extensive backgrounds in licensing (in and out), corporate partnering, and M&A. The Sage Group Principals have worked on more than 300 transactions with its clients over its existence
For more information about The Sage Group and opportunities for collaboration with Sage RWI services, please visit our website,, or contact:

US Corporate Office
The Sage Group Inc.
1802 Route 31 North, #381
Clinton, NJ 08809 USA
Attn: Wayne Pambianchi
Phone: +1 908-2319644
Bob Nance
Cell +1 267-2180175

Israel Corporate Office
Sage Israel
Mishol Dardar 20
Be'er Ora, Israel
Attn: Jeb Gollin
Phone: +972 (0) 54 692 7775

EU Corporate Office
Sage Healthcare Ltd.
The Old Black Barns
Lord’s Lane, Ousden, Newmarket CB8 8TX UK
Attn: Dr. Bill Mason
Phone: +44 1638 500775
Mob: +44 7785 950134

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Source: EIN Presswire partners with TSM Global to provide innovative digital currency mining services

Securix Logo – Secure Investment – Passive Income

Leading European crypto mining company, Securix, announces partnership with leading Tokenization Company, TSM global to provide data, and AI-powered research

LONDON, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM, September 10, 2018 / — is a token-driven mining company that has made a name for itself in the digital currency space. Headquartered in the Netherlands, the company has stood out has one of the leading providers of digital currency mining solutions and recently partnered with TSM Global, a company known for its fundraising prowess using blockchain-backed solutions to raise money from the public. The partnership is part of Securix’s token sale that is aimed at providing passive income to people across the globe.

Building wealth goes beyond earning from a stream of income, as it involves making the money earned work without lifting a finger. This is what the concept of passive income comes from, with a wide range of passive income sources available for individuals and businesses across the globe. Unfortunately, a majority of the available passive income sources are short-termed and designed to exist for only a limited few, leading to some investors losing their money and back on the road for another income source. This is where Securix is looking to make a huge difference by offering a blockchain-backed digital currency solution to offer investors a transparent and more effective way of receiving passive income. When inquired about the merits of their program, the CEO of Securix, Mr. Jacobus Donkersloot, decided to quote none other than one of the richest people on Earth, Mr. Warren Buffett, the Sage of Omaha “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” is basically offering an EAN-to-EAN platform, a decentralised platform with fewer parties involved, ensuring the effectiveness of the system, while also provides token holders, investors, and other parties get the best possible returns. purchases energy directly from the green generator grid in the Netherlands without intermediaries to help minimize cost and maximize profits as much as possible. Blockchain may be the future, and makes sure it is sustainable. adopts a monthly reinvestment strategy that offers higher value and output per token, allowing them to repurchase SRXIO tokens from the market and burn them as well as acquire new hardware and improve the existing facility and infrastructure. It is expected that the mining complex would be able to produce 24.5 BTC per day making it one of the biggest mining operations in the world.

The token sale for Securix is done in partnership with TSM is providing community empowerment services, data mining, and AI-powered research. The token-driven mining company is currently working with TSM, a company reputed to have helped several companies across the globe to raise over $290 million for different innovative projects. The partnership of two giants in their respective fields further reiterates the reliability and future potentials of the project.

The crowdsale of the token is scheduled to commence on the 27th September, 2018, and will end on the 30th November, 2018. The tokens will be deployed for different purposes, with 77 percent of all Securix tokens allocated to contributing participants in the Securix Community, 6 percent for Research and Development, and 2 percent for the ICO Bounty Program.


More information about the revolutionary blockchain-powered solution can be found on their website. Securix is also available across several social media platforms including Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The whitepaper for the tokenization is available on the website for more information on the token sale.

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Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team on What RBID Homes Mean for Home Sellers and Buyers

Titanium Certified RBID Auction Specialist - Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team

Titanium Certified RBID Auction Specialist – Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team

Titanium Certified RBID Homes Super OpenHouse

Titanium Certified RBID Homes Super OpenHouse

Titanium Certified RBID Homes Super OpenHouse - Rudy L Kusuma Home Selling Team

Titanium Certified RBID Homes Super OpenHouse – Rudy L Kusuma Home Selling Team

Rudy Lira Kusuma Home Selling Team SOLD more homes

Rudy Lira Kusuma the #1 Real Estate Team Leader in California

Southern California housing market expected to shift in favor of buyers. Local Real Estate Broker, Rudy L. Kusuma, has secured exclusive list of RBID Homes.

RBID Homes include builder closeouts, foreclosure, divorce sales, distress sales, corporate owned, and other properties from highly motivated sellers.”

— Rudy L. Kusuma, RBID Homes Exclusive Real Estate Broker

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES , September 9, 2018 / — Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team is one of the few real estate companies to offer RBID homes, but not a lot of people understand what they mean. RBID homes are properties such as foreclosures, builder closeouts, banked owned properties, divorce sales, distress sales, property exchanges, corporate owned, and other properties from highly motivated sellers.

RBID Homes are an excellent choice for properties to buy because the industry experts certified these homes themselves. These are homes known as the best properties available on the market today, which are also mostly available in huge deals. But those are not the only reasons that make RBI Homes a massive deal for buyers.

For instance, there are RBID homes that come with a warranty against property flaws. Other buyers may be able to receive a free Home Owners Warranty, which protects them from mechanical defects. It is one of the perks that Rudy Lira Kusuma offers as an exclusive RBID Homes Real Estate Broker all over California.

Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team is a real estate brokerage team certified for selling RBID Homes. For many years, they have been selling such properties, providing buyers with excellent advantages. Among the benefits is the Hassle Free Bid Process. With Rudy L. Kusuma, buying an RBID home is easy and completely hassle-free.

Their unique process allows buyers to have enough time to preview the house. They can also go for inspections, execute proper due diligence, and effectively secure the property in a contract. This way, the buyer can enjoy a smooth process and on time closing. With their certified RBID Homes real estate agents, Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team has helped many customers find their dream homes.

Any interested buyers of RBID homes need to submit a bid before the bid deadline. The seller then reviews all the bids sent before the deadline, responding according to the terms, offers, and deadlines. Buyers can find out if the property is available for bids when they see the RBID Home listed in the local MLS as active and advertised in

Every property may have multiple offers submitted, which will not be disclosed. Rudy L. Kusuma encourages interested buyers to make their bids on the website before the bid deadline. The agent should confirm that the offer has been received. If not, the buyers may contact them directly to ensure their bid for the RBID home has been cast.

About RBID Homes:
RBIDHomes or Titanium Real Estate Network is a team of real estate brokerage experts committed to helping the communities where their co-workers and customers live and work. The company helps customers to get their home sold by getting the properties ‘Titanium Certified RBID’. Titanium Certified RBID homes are industry expert certified as the best deals available in the market.

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Rudy Lira Kusuma on RBID Homes

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Team NuVision Shares Partnership with WorldHarvest to Help Kids around the World

Rudy L Kusuma Home Selling Team sponsor 300 Kids Back To School August 2018

Rudy L Kusuma Home Selling Team put 300 Kids Back To School

Rudy Lira Kusuma Home Selling Team SOLD more homes

Rudy L Kusuma Medical Clinic

Rudy L Kusuma Medical Clinic

Our team is on a mission to raise $100,000 this year to help kids around the world.”


ROSEMEAD, CA, UNITED STATES, September 9, 2018 / — Team NuVision – Rudy Lira Kusuma Home Selling Team is in partnership with WorldHarvest to help kids around the world, supporting the latter’s mission to help the world through Education, Community, and Media Services. Team NuVision does not only help their clients in tackling the real estate process but also extends their help to others outside of their industry.

WorldHarvest is a humanitarian organization that has been helping people around the world since 1989. Their efforts to impact the world is by providing medical camps, health seminars, creating economic opportunities, and improving community sanitation among others. The organization also sponsors opportunities for children who are in difficult situations.

Those opportunities allow many children around the world to get a proper education, which will lead them on the way to fulfilling their goals and dreams. WorldHarvest exists to empower leaders and to transform their communities through educational scholarships, leadership seminars, and several other training prospects.

WorldHarvest and Team NuVision works have been working together as a partner since 2009. Team NuVision gives back to the community by supporting the mission of WorldHarvest. The team shows its support by helping WorldHarvest in hosting multiple medical camps, several disaster relief efforts, and also provided food for numerous citizens.

According to Rudy L. Kusuma, coming together with WorldHarvest is a start for them to help others to build their dreams. For the many years that passed, WorldHarvest and Team NuVision kept together in their mission and had significantly progressed in many aspects. Both organizations enjoyed success in their respective goals after having worked together for so long.

WorldHarvest and Team NuVision have many accomplishments working together over the years. They have held 19 medical camps, sponsored 15 children, and supply 24 tons of food to countless citizens. They also helped more than 3000 patients as well as kept 1000 South Sudan Refugees fed. Their efforts extend far out of the country to other places in the world that need assistance.

Among the efforts, WorldHarvest and Team NuVision teamed up include the 2011 Somalia Famine Relief, 2015 Nepal Earthquake Relief, 2017 South Sudan Relief and Hurricane Harvey Relief, as well as the 2018 Bali, Indonesia Medical Camps, and BOGO Backpack Partner. Team NuVision promises to continue to support the humanitarian efforts of WorldHarvest.

The company also thanks to their clients for supporting the efforts they show on giving back to the society. Seeing that Team NuVision shares their success with the community, many real estate customers come back to hire the company. With that, Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team assures their clients of a consistent real estate expert service.

About the Team NuVision:
Team NuVision – Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team is a real estate brokerage team offering full real estate consultancy service. The team excels in helping clients navigate through the real estate transaction by providing expert assistance at every step of the process. By involving the clients through the process, Team NuVision empowers clients and keeps them in charge.


For more information, please visit
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Rudy L Kusuma Home Selling Team partnership with WORLD HARVEST

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Design Thinking & Advanced Analytics Firm Finalist for United States Chamber of Commerce Emerging Business of the Year

Stonehill announced today that it has been selected as a finalist for Emerging Business of the Year by the United States Chamber of Commerce.

We are fortunate to have a great team, incredible clients, and a supportive community. Innovation is alive and well in Florida!”

— Doug Pace, CEO of Stonehill

TAMPA, FL, UNITED STATES, September 9, 2018 / — Stonehill announced today that it has been selected as a finalist for Emerging Business of the Year as part of the United States Chamber of Commerce Dream Big Awards presented by MetLife. The program celebrates the achievements of small businesses and honors their contributions to America’s economic growth. Award winners will be announced at the Dream Big Awards Gala on Wednesday, October 3 in Washington, D.C. as part of the 2018 Small Business Summit at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Stonehill was founded in 2016 to help the world’s most interesting brands to innovate, implement change, and accelerate growth. The company has been recognized as international experts in Design Thinking – a unique methodology that uses human centered design and data driven insights to solve complicated problems. In a short period of time Stonehill has delivered solutions for a diverse set of clients that include Melting Pot Restaurants, White and Case, Bremtown Cabinetry, Restaurant Magic, Vascular Insights, and Valley National Bank.

Stonehill was founded by Florida entrepreneur, Doug Pace, who had previously been a partner in one of the most recognized digital agencies in the United States. Pace sold his interest in the agency and soon after suffered a stroke which required significant recovery. During this time, he spent time talking with many business executives and researching design thinking, business intelligence, and robotic process automation. The research showed that there was an opportunity to create a management consulting firm focused on helping companies to innovate and apply advanced analytics.

“Being selected as a finalist for United States Chamber of Commerce Emerging Business of the Year is a great honor,” said Doug Pace, Founder and CEO of Stonehill. “We are fortunate to have a great team, incredible clients, and a supportive community. Innovation is alive and well in Florida!”

About Stonehill
Stonehill is a strategy and innovation consultancy. We help companies to innovate, optimize, and grow by using a combination of Design Thinking and Advanced Analytics. Our teams consist of a blend of creative, strategy, technical, and change management expert that provides an ability to unite functional silos in business to achieve a common objective of creating differentiated customer experiences. Stonehill has been recognized by the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce as a finalist for Startup of the year, the US Chamber of Commerce as a Finalist for Emerging Business of the Year, Great Agencies as one of the Top Business Intelligence Consultants in the United States, and CIO Review Magazine as one of the 20 Most Promising Performance Management Providers.

Doug Pace
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Ashley Harris Joins Sea Turtle Real Estate in Vero Beach, Florida

VERO BEACH, FL, USA, September 9, 2018 / — Ashley Harris is a third generation Indian River county native, growing up in Vero Beach with self-employed parents who instilled strong work ethics and business management skills. After graduating from Vero Beach High School, Ms. Harris earned a B.A. from Westminster College in Health Management. She was an active member of Kappa Kappa Gamma, serving as Recording Secretary and on the sorority’s Standards Committee. She also enjoyed her involvement in philanthropic events for children and working with seniors in a local retirement home.

Proudly making Vero Beach her home again after college, Ms. Harris launched a successful real estate career using her deep ties and understanding of the Vero Beach community to benefit her clients. A founding member of one of the most successful real estate teams in Indian River county, she and her partners represented clients in over $34 million in sales in 2017. Her clients David and Kay Ross rave about her, “We were in touch with several Realtors, but Ashley answered back. We were very happy with her service. She is the perfect sales agent. She worked very hard for us and always returned our calls ASAP.”

Ashley, her fiancé and young son love the coastal lifestyle Vero Beach offers. Her fiancé Bobby Fletcher is a Charter Captain and fishing guide. As a family, they love to travel, boat, fish, cook and truly enjoy the natural beauty of the Vero Beach area.

Contact Ashley Harris at her offices on Ocean Drive in Vero Beach at 1006 Beachland Blvd, Vero Beach, FL 32963 in historic Sexton Plaza, and at or cell 772.713.9159 for all of your real estate needs.

Shelby Oktar
Sea Turtle Real Estate
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Alprockz Partners with Swiss Banks to Issue a New Stablecoin Backed by Swiss Franc

ZUG, SWITZERLAND, September 8, 2018 / — Alprockz Partners with Swiss Banks to Issue a New Stablecoin Backed by Swiss Franc

Zug, Switzerland, September 8, 2018

The Swiss company Alprockz AG announced the development of a new financial and technical tool, powered by the Ethereum blockchain-based platform to provide financial services by issuing ROCKZ stable coin. The Alprockz platform will allow users to benefit from a stable coin used for fast and economic monetary transfer around the world. Among the key features will be the conversion of cryptocurrency into a reliable & stable funds at real time, along with opening up limitless opportunities for market makers to switch to a new base currency.

ROCKZ (RKZ) is the stablecoin, backed by a national currency – the Swiss franc (CHF), which will be issued at a ratio of 1:1. At the same time, the company-issuer ROCKZ AG will store 90% of its reserve funds in CHF banknotes in high-security Swiss bank storages. Another 10% will be placed in storage in various Swiss banks to ensure coin’s liquidity. This will give to the issuer credibility, and when it comes to Rockz holders – confidence that the digital asset is backed by fiat money.

Thus, ROCKZ eliminates the main shortcomings of the cryptocurrency industry and solves two major issues: forming a reliable bridge between digital assets and the traditional economy, by recording profits, while they remain in the crypto market. The main difference between ROCKZ and, for example, Tether is the absolute transparency of financial reserves. It reduces the risks of the counterparty’s default.

ROCKZ сryptocurrency is fully backed by Swiss franc and is compliant with national and international legislation following the cryptocurrency regulation. Alprockz AG is registered in Zug, owned by Swiss investors and is audited. Monitoring and confirmation of the fiat-backed concept of ROCKZ will be carried out monthly with the reports publication. A list of financial intermediaries and bank vaults providing stability to Rockz is available at any time.

ROCKZ AG will work with regulated trading counterparties, mainly based in Switzerland. ROCKZ holders have to pass the standard KYC process. Financial reserves that serve as ROCKZ provision can not be invested or used otherwise to generate additional income.

ROCKZ team, which includes large financiers and IT developers, expects that the new fintech service will be in demand in the following niches:
● E-commerce. ROCKZ can be a convenient method of payment, along with payment services like PayPal and Webmoney in view of the stability of the underlying asset and low commissions within the network.
● Investments. ROCKZ can be a store of value asset.
● Money transfers. ROCKZ can become a reliable tool to facilitate cross-border transfers in view of low commissions and low volatility in the market of $ 65.7 billion (excluding corporate transfers).
● Banking. Based on ROCKZ, you can create a large number of financial instruments: loans between platform users, bank deposits, etc.

ROCKZ stable coin backed by Swiss Franc – the most stable currency in the world should become a more attractive financial tool than its competitors – Tether, TrueUSD or Dai, all backed by the US dollar.

The ROCKZ monetization model, proposed by the developers, includes not only commission fees for the conversion of ROCKZ to fiat, but also the issuance of partner licenses to market makers, which turns the platform into a full-fledged financial service, in contrast to competing financial intermediaries.

As a result, ROCKZ receives not only financial stability based on the Swiss franc, but also protection from exchange rate manipulation. This fact can make it the most reliable and predictable cryptocurrency.

Alprockz AG will launch an ICO in Q4 2018 to develop further the company and the platform. The platform which has been built to develop ROCKZ will be able to host further financial products in the future. The company plans to add other stable coins backed by EUR and KRW in 2019.

As a service provider Swisscom (listed on the Swiss Exchange, ticker: SCMN), will provide the digital identification services of ROCKZ users. This will allow ROCKZ AG to conform to strong Swiss regulations. Furthermore, Swisscom's daughter company Swisscom Blockchain AG supports as the technical provider of the tokenization. It provides the infrastructure to onboard the participants in the token sale (launchpad, compliance process), the smart contract and the infrastructure to issue the token.

As the founder of Alprockz Alexey Borichev stated: "The reason for choosing a Swiss provider is in the regulatory aspects, which we must respect, as a corporation registered in Switzerland and launching a token sale."

More details about the Alprockz platform can be found at
Telegram news:
Follow Alprockz on Twitter:
Follow Alprockz on Facebook:

Eugene Kudakov
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Legion Finance Trade Limited(LFTL) granted a loan of €725m to Lobion Oil & Shipping Ltd

LONDON, GREATER LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, September 8, 2018 / — A Commitment Loan was granted today to Lobion Oil & Shipping Ltd by by Legion Finance Trade Limited(LFTL) in the amount of €725m for the purpose of project finance in the poor areas of Ireland.

The Legion Finance Trade Limited Investor's Group is aware of the social and democratic ramification of Ireland's development priotities, the Legion Finance Trade Limited and its investors group has joined hands together to support grant a loan of €725m to Lobion Oil & Shipping Ltd for it's operations in shipping and importation. The first step in improving this commitment to rapidly become operational was the signing of the loan today, 7 September, of two finance contracts totalling €525m, which will be followed in 2019 by the final €200m tranche.

The key factor in financing this project for Lobion Oil & Shipping Ltd, which is faced with the growing demand to improved the Energy sector in the poor region of Ireland, thereby creating employment for young people, and with the need to rehabilitate the poorer parts of towns and cities. In addition to supplying its technical and financial expertise, the LFTL, in accordance with the undertaking given following the Revolution (which has resulted in finance totalling nearly €500m which will be made available before the end of 2018, is required to provide a targeted and concrete response to the aspirations to the people of Ireland.

For a more operational factors, which will provide more job opportunities

The focus of the €725m finance contract signed today is the private sector, which will lay the basis for future growth and for generating employment. The purpose is to eliminate the challenge in the shipping sector as well as making it more flexible to import Oil in the poor region of Ireland and making them more competitive. The new Loan, which will be made available in close collaboration with Legion Investment Funds and security procurement of insurance, should encourage the emergence of new job-creating businesses as a result of easier access to finance. This will a growth support for 100 projects in various productive areas of the private sector, thereby generating more than 10 000 jobs.

The priority project both for the new authorities in Ireland and for Legion Finance Trade Limited, which since 2016 has provided the private sector with €280m via project finance. This new €725m commitment was signed in San Marino for Investment and International Cooperation by Legion Finance Trade Limited Vice policy finance officer, Bojana Vizlar and Krantz Lisbon, CEO of Lobion Oil & Shipping Ltd.

For successful rehabilitation of the poorer areas, which will contribute to social cohesion

In order to improve the living conditions of residents of the poorer areas, LFTL decided to support Lobion Oil & Shipping to address the need for energy and development of SMEs, the development of power networks, shipping of valuable commodities to the poor areas of Ireland.

In practical terms the €725m loan will enable public infrastructure to be rehabilitated and modernised in 110 poor urban areas across Ireland. Technical assistance amounting to €200m is also being proposed by the LFTL to help the promoter in carrying out and managing this project. Schemes will also be deployed upon to encourage employment during and after the implimentation period, and promote energy efficiency in buildings and efficient supply of commodities in the region.

The €200m Financing contract was also signed today at the San Marino bank for Investment and International Cooperation by Mr Russ Hullman, Minister for Investment and International Cooperation, and LFTL Vice Policy Finance office in the presence of Neil Glenson the notarized legal representative of the Lobion Oil & Shipping for financing operation, was also present during the signing ceremony.

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Source: EIN Presswire