Curate: All In One Marketplace

World's first all-in-one marketplace with an application that utilizes blockchain technology as a payment infrastructure.

World's first all-in-one marketplace with an application that utilizes blockchain technology as a payment infrastructure.

CHICAGO, USA, July 23, 2021 / — Presently, there are over 4000 crypto assets available, and more are being released each day. The amount of created crypto assets is increasing daily because of the usefulness of the blockchain network, ranging from healthcare, supply chain management, industry, gaming, trading, and many more. So making the blockchain network available in an online marketplace isn't a bad idea whatsoever. This is where Curate comes in.

Generally speaking, the entire world has moved on from its natural way of doing things to more sophisticated ways, which are being integrated slowly into the online marketplace industry. Today, we will discuss how Curate has been able to develop an innovative idea to improve the online marketplace industry globally. But first, what is Curate?

What is Curate?

Curate is the world's first all-in-one marketplace with an application that utilizes blockchain technology as a payment infrastructure and rewards buyers and sellers after every transaction. The platform is built on its native marketplace, giving users (buyers and sellers) the opportunity to trade physical and digital goods like NFTs (Non-fungible tokens), games, electronics, fashion, etc. Furthermore, with Curate's utilization of a decentralized blockchain network, users get rewards in the form of $XCUR, its native token. This is given after every successful trade.

What’s more, the platform offers payments in cryptocurrency, which is optional aside from the traditional options like credit/debit cards and PayPal. Another significant benefit of using the Curate application is that it attracts no gas fees. However, this is true if users spend $XCUR on its application.

Why Curate?

Even as the blockchain industry is evolving, there appears to be no single way of shopping with cryptocurrencies. A mobile application that allows users to store cryptocurrencies and purchase physical and digital goods is very scarce or even non-existent. Presently, the process of making transactions is not tedious or very distant from the understanding of consumers.

Apart from the unavailable outlets of making purchases using cryptocurrencies, there are also high gas fees, seen in the Ethereum blockchain. So, individuals may come across hefty fees when trying to purchase goods using the Ethereum blockchain.

Now, it is straightforward to search for anything you want via the internet. The internet is an outlet that has made things very easy for many people. However, many who need unique content on the internet may not get what they want because of the internet’s number of contents. There may be less quality content because the designers on the internet get no reward for creating unique content. Curate was created to solve problems like this. In addition, when individuals go online, they get to see misleading feedback. A product may be so bad but get good reviews. With Curate, this and the problems mentioned above have been tackled. How?

The Curate marketplace application provides a solution for people in need of fashion/gaming/crypto assets inspiration and ideas. The platform provides a setting for the interests of both men and women. Also, the platform rewards contributors. This means that any individual that provides any item or content and posts it, will receive some digital tokens for their hard work. This is done so that they continue to buy and sell on the platform.

Therefore, whether a user spends in FIAT, $XCUR, or any other cryptocurrency, they will earn rewards in XCUR on every successful sale or purchase. This was done to bridge the gap between fiat and digital currencies. The Curate marketplace also boasts of an internal blockchain that allows users to make transactions without the need to spend on gas fees — Zero transaction fees. Finally, Curate boasts of a vast ecosystem consisting of physical and digital goods, including NFTs.

On the misleading feedbacks, the platform deletes fake reviews and feedback with the implementation of blockchain technology. First, the AI (Artificial Intelligence) monitors comments made by any user and filters out hate speech and derogatory words before it is posted. Secondly, each registered user on the Curate app will have a unique ID., which serves as a verification of their identity. This means that only verified accounts have genuine reviews.

Summary Of The XCUR Token

The XCUR token can be used for many purposes on the Curate app. They include:

To purchase items on the Curate app marketplace.
As buyers and sellers rewards.
Stake on DeFi platform and DeFi partner pools.
Spend on over 3M+ travel products on Travala.
Spend on global activities on Viator.
Spend on over 7M+ holidays and flights on Expedia.
Spend on partnership listings via shopping IO.
Exchange for FIAT and 1000+ cryptocurrencies through its partners.

Curate Gasless NFT Marketplace

On 28th June 2021, Curate took to Twitter to announce the launch of its gasless Non-fungible Token (NFT) marketplace application. The NFT marketplace allows users to buy NFTs, mint, and also sell them. The NFT marketplace has a lot of exciting features for users. Presently, Buying, selling, and minting NFTs have commenced, but many other features will be added in the future. For example, curate will add a “Physical Goods Marketplace,” which offers gasless transactions, rewards on all transactions, and gasless in-app swaps (XCUR to USDXC). In addition, the protocol will add a launchpad for exclusive NFTs. All this and much more information on its roadmap contributes to an effective Curate ecosystem.


The Curate team has put a lot to contribute to the crypto community. Purchasing goods and services with cryptos without transaction fees is a great innovation. With many partnerships and many more in view, the Curate marketplace will be one to look out for in the future.

To learn more about Curate's marketplace, refer to the media pages below.

About Curate: Curate is the world's first all-in-one marketplace with an application that utilizes blockchain technology as a payment infrastructure and rewards buyers and sellers after every transaction. The platform is built on its native marketplace, giving users (buyers and sellers) the opportunity to trade physical and digital goods like NFTs (Non-fungible tokens), games, electronics, fashion, etc. Furthermore, with Curate's utilization of a decentralized blockchain network, users get rewards in the form of $XCUR, its native token. This is given after every successful trade.


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The Real Estate Market is Hot! Douglas Gerard Kleinsmith Explains If It Is Still Possible to Flip Houses

Are You a House Flipper? Douglas Gerard Kleinsmith Wants You to Know It is Still Possible to Flip Homes.

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES, July 23, 2021 / — Douglas Gerard Kleinsmith, a professional marketer with experience renovating and flipping homes, says that one of the worries that fellow home flippers have in a hot market is whether it is possible to flip homes. After all, in a hot real estate market, home prices increase, which ultimately can make it harder to find affordable homes to flip. While it may be more challenging to flip homes in a harder market, there is still money to be made.

Douglas Gerard Kleinsmith Explains the Changes to the Flipping Market

Douglas Gerard Kleinsmith says that one of the biggest changes that house flippers need to be aware of in this hot real estate market is reduced profits. While flipping houses and make a profit is still completely doable, those who are still making profits are reporting a lower profit percentage compared to years past. This is for two primary reasons. First, houses cost more to purchase, and secondly, materials and contractors are a little harder to find thanks to COVID-19 slowdowns, and as such, they can also cost more. As such, your costs on a flip may be higher, which ultimately can eat away at some of your profits. You need to keep this in mind when pricing out a home and determining if there is enough profit to flip it.

Douglas Gerard Kleinsmith Lists Common Mistakes to Avoid

Douglas Gerard Kleinsmith says that one of the most common mistakes flippers are making right now is sitting on a home. As a flipper, you want to turn a home over as quickly as possible to maximize your profits. Since remodeling materials are harder to come by, some flippers are sitting on their homes and waiting for materials to come in. Instead, you should be working with local vendors, using materials that they have available to go. Another common mistake is not staying on top of local real estate prices. Prices are literally changing from week to week, so you need to know what the prices are in your area.

Douglas Gerard Kleinsmith Gives Advice On Flipping in a Hot Market

Douglas Gerard Kleinsmith says that one of the best tips for flipping houses in a hot market is to stay on top of your marketing game. Finding houses for sale before they hit the open real estate market can save you tons of cash, as many homes are going into bidding wars. Send out mailers or flyers offering to buy homes quickly. If you need financing, have your financing all set up and ready to go, so once you find a home, you can move quickly.

Douglas Gerard Kleinsmith wants fellow house flippers to know that it is still possible to flip homes, even in a booming real estate market. However, you may find that you have to work harder to find homes and you may have fewer profits than before. It is important to still take the time to avoid common mistakes that can eat away at your profit and to always keep your eyes open for a great investment opportunity. This will help you continue to be lucrative in the house remodeling and flipping business.

Douglas Gerard Kleinsmith Knows Flipping Homes is Harder With Real Estate Prices Booming, But It is Still Possible

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New York creator, comedian and performer Lori Hamilton receives 19 awards in the last 12 months

Lori Hamilton  creator, writer, performer, redhead woman in casual shirt

Lori Hamilton

four logos of shows potato family, positivity pinata, project spudway and corporate knobs

Lori Hamilton Four Short Films Recognized

Lori Hamilton's logo just with her name

potatos that are hand drawn and dressed up and the logo Project Spudway with Lori Hamilton

Lori Hamilton’s Project Spudway

Logo for series from Lori Hamilton called The Art of Business Transformation

Lori Hamilton’s The Art of Business Transformation

Her hard work is paying off

I am so grateful to be able to bring positive, happy messages to the world.”

— Lori Hamilton

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, July 23, 2021 / — Lori Hamilton is a producer of short films, a comedian, the owner of a successful production company, an actor and performer, a business strategist, a writer, and a human who has surmounted daunting odds from her youth. She has poured hours into projects and collaborations, sharing advice and positive messages across multiple platforms to help others turn their hardships into their own personal success stories.

Over the course of her career, Lori has won 54 awards for creativity, amongst them five for Best Show and 19 of the awards and recognition have come from 12 film festivals in the past 12 months alone. Her most recent awards include the Couch Film Festival’s award for Best Actress for their Spring 2021 season and the Award of Recognition from The Best Shorts Competition for four of her short films: Potato Family, Project Spudway, Positivity Piñata, and Corporate Knobs, each of which uses humor to critique various social environments while also teaching positive lessons.

As she continues to be featured in film festivals around the world, Lori continues to express her gratitude, using her skills to share tools with other creatives and entrepreneurs. “I am so grateful to be able to bring positive, happy messages to the world,” says Hamilton.

She has two series in progress right now dedicated to supporting other’s growth. Turning Hardship Into Happiness deals with the psychology of peace and happiness. It offers practices and resources to help individuals manage stress and anxiety. It is available at The Art of Business Transformation offers advice to entrepreneurs and business leaders interested in transforming their business practices to achieve better teamwork and a more positive and authentic working environment. It is available at

Press Reviews
“Hamilton’s performance … is very funny."
– Donna M Day, North End West UK

“Brilliant work … comical … inspirational”
– Atlanta Press

“…one heck of an actress – the girl could dance … this girl could sing too.”
– Go Go Magazine, Denver

About Lori…
Lori grew up just outside of Northern California and attended UCLA, where she studied Linguistics and Modern British Drama. She studied Opera at The Juilliard School, New England Conservatory and Mannes College of Music. After a singing with the Boston Symphony and the Atlanta Opera, she went on to do comedy, writing and performing. Lori has written and produced over 150 short films, created and performed four one-woman shows, including a much-lauded tour with the National New Play Festival in the United States. Her talents have earned her 54 awards for creative and writing excellence, including 5 Best of Shows. Her cats did not help at all, although they take credit for providing with her constant, much-needed supervision. To see more of her work, visit

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Corporate Knobs by Lori Hamilton

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Tribert Rujugiro Ayabatwa Wishes the African Business Community a Successful 2021 Intra-African Trade Fair

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, July 23, 2021 / — Tribert Rujugiro Ayabatwa is a keen supporter of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) which makes Africa a single market across 55 countries, aimed at boosting trade and investment. Ayabatwa insists that AfCTA can only bear fruits via robust networking among African and global business communities. The Intra-African Trade Fair which provides a platform for businesses to network must be encouraged in this important mission.

Launched on January 1, 2021, the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) is a game-changer. Currently, Africa accounts for just 2 percent of global trade. And only 17% of African exports are intra-continental, compared with 59% for Asia and 68% for Europe. The potential for transformation across Africa is therefore significant. The AfCFTA pact will create the largest free trade area in the world measured by the number of countries participating. Connecting 1.3 billion people across 55 countries with a combined gross domestic product (GDP) valued at $3.4 trillion, the AfCFTA pact comes at a time when much of the world is turning away from cooperation and free trade.

According to Ayabatwa, turning the AfCFTA into reality calls for Africans doing sustained business across borders. Otherwise, the AfCFTA will not deliver the goods. Hence, the importance of the Intra-African Trade Fair (IATF) that actively promotes business networking. As Ayabatwa explains:

“First and foremost, doing business across African borders will require a substantial number of businessmen and businesswomen. Second, meaningful cross-border networking has to take businesses to the next level. It is in this sense that I congratulate the stakeholders of IATF. Besides showcasing products, IATF facilitates networking opportunities among African and global businesses as well as African policymakers – all ready to make a deal. It such networking initiatives that will turn the African Continental Free Trade Area into reality.”

The second Intra-African Trade Fair will take place in Durban, South Africa, from 15 to 21 November 2021. The importance of this event is self-evident, taking place 11 months after the formal launch of the African Continental Free Trade Area.

About Tribert Rujugiro Ayabatwa

Tribert Rujugiro Ayabatwa is a pan-African industrialist. He is the founder and controlling shareholder of the Pan African Tobacco Group, Africa’s largest indigenous manufacturer of tobacco products. The company, which in 2018 celebrated its 40th year of operations, manufactures cigarettes in nine African countries, namely, Angola, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, and the United Arab Emirates. Ayabatwa is also one of Africa’s leading philanthropists. He has helped communities uplift themselves in fields such as education, food security, afforestation, and water access. Through his non-profit foundation, Ayababwa strives to help young people to gain the practical engineering experience required to enter the job market in Africa. More recently, Ayabatwa assisted governments in the battle against the Covid19 pandemic by contributing medical equipment and foodstuffs during the lockdowns.

David Himbara
PanAfrican Tobacco Group
SOURCE: Tribert Rujugiro Ayabatwa

Tribert Rujugiro Ayabatwa
PanAfrican Tobacco Group
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Queenly raises $6.3M in funding led by Andreessen Horowitz

Female-founded Queenly is using their ML-driven search engine and computer vision technology to reimagine the $15B formalwear industry.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, July 23, 2021 / — Queenly, the leading marketplace and search engine for the formalwear industry, announced today that it raised $6.3 million in funding led by Andreessen Horowitz, bringing their total funding to date to $7.1 million.

By leveraging a proprietary ML-driven search engine and computer vision technology, Queenly is tackling the large, underserved formalwear market–a market that has survived decades, even the recent pandemic, with little to no disruption from Silicon Valley. The formal wear market in North America is currently a $15B industry according to available industry research, with substantial additional value being created and exchanged offline. In the US, ”prom season” alone gives way to a a $4B industry every year, followed by events such as weddings, pageants, homecomings, winter formals, festivals, galas, holiday parties, weddings, recitals, religious and cultural celebrations, military balls, dance competitions, and so on.

By combining a personalized, resale marketplace experience with small-business sales and data analytic tools, Queenly has been able to provide the industry’s first comprehensive search engine for the formalwear industry. With a clear founder market fit, cofounders Trisha Bantigue and Kathy Zhou have combined their personal and professional domain expertise to build Queenly. Both founders have competed in multiple national & international pageant systems–with Bantigue also a former fashion model for formalwear designers. Zhou is a full-stack senior engineer and previously spent 4 years building search and recommendation features at Pinterest; Bantigue worked at Uber and Facebook in executive recruiting.

“For decades, women have had to spend hours driving to different small shops in hopes of finding that dream dress. That perfect dress could be in a dress boutique across the country, or in someone’s closet. We’re not only able to combine all this inventory onto one central platform, but also build machine learning models and recommendations systems to provide tailored shopping experiences to each unique user,” said Zhou.

“There are so many challenges with formal industry—plus size body inclusivity, skin tone matching, height and body measurement matching, fabric detection—that are now solvable through our data-driven business model, “ she continued.

Queenly categorizes dresses through their computer vision and machine learning system, built in-house by Zhou, who also engineered and launched the company’s iOS, Android, and website. Today, users are then able to search by color shades, necklines, hemlines, fabrics, and body measurements. The company has proven its resilience coming out of the pandemic as it has grown to over 125,000 users, 60,000+ unique dresses listed on their platform, and a total inventory value of $15 million.

The recent funding from the leading venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) will help the company grow their team to keep up with the demand in the industry in a post-COVID era, as well as efficiently scale out their operations and engineering features. The team plans to aggressively innovate and bring all categories of the formalwear inventory online. Connie Chan, general partner at Andreeseen Horowitz led the round for the firm.

“Having attended dozens of formal events throughout my life, I’ve experienced firsthand how unique but underserved the formalwear market is by technology—fit is less important (people rely on alterations), uniqueness matters (a lot), the discovery process is fragmented, one or two-day rentals aren’t often a solution, and there is a strong desire to "unload" items at the end,” said Connie Chan. “The marketplace platform Kathy and Trisha are building takes all of these factors and more into consideration to deliver customers a seamless, customized experience.”

“We’re thrilled to now have Andreeseen Horowitz alongside us on our exciting journey,” says Queenly co-founder Trisha Bantigue. “This a huge milestone for a female-founded tech startup and we look forward to continuing to grow Queenly to be bigger and better and to empower more women to follow their dreams.”

To date, Queenly has raised $7.1 million in funding with investors that include Y Combinator, The House Fund, Interlace Ventures, Dragon Capital, NextView Ventures, MyAsiaVC and Shakti Venture Capital. Queenly also has A-list angel investors such as the former CTO of Uber, Thuan Pham, CPO of Uber, Manik Gupta, CEO of Lambda School, Austen Allred, CEO & cofounder of Mercari, Ryo Ishizuka, CEO of FitBit, James Park, CMO & cofounder of ScentBird, Rachel ten Brink, and the cofounders of Caviar, Jason Wang, Shawn Tsao, and Andy Zhang.

About Queenly
Queenly is the leading marketplace and search engine for the formalwear industry. Whether it’s for prom, quinceanera, or a wedding, they help women of all ages and all sizes find the exact dress they’re looking for.

Founded in 2019, Queenly is the best place to find the exact dress for prom, a wedding, or other special occasions.
Queenly finds a home in a diverse and inclusive community of queens trying to push the boundaries of what it means to feel beautiful and confident in the modern age—that such traits can come in all shapes and sizes, and that together, we can embrace these beliefs wholeheartedly.
Through their domain expertise in fashion and engineering, they have built a robust search and recommendations engine to find the perfect dress by color, style, hemline, neckline, and body type.

Gabe Boyd
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GrillEye® Max 是一款功能强大的小巧工具,它能够监控食物,并在烹饪完成时在智能手机上通知您,无论您身在何处!



用您的 GrillEye® Max 将猪肉拉至完美

用您的 GrillEye® Max 将猪肉拉至完美

使用您的 GrillEye® Max 轻松去除骨上的肋骨

使用您的 GrillEye® Max 轻松去除骨上的肋骨

使用 GrillEye® Max 将您的拉猪肉汉堡提升到另一个层次

使用 GrillEye® Max 将您的拉猪肉汉堡提升到另一个层次

使用 GrillEye® Max,您的战斧牛排总是如您所愿

使用 GrillEye® Max,您的战斧牛排总是如您所愿

GrillEye® Max 是一款功能强大的小巧工具,它能够监控食物,并在烹饪完成时在智能手机上通知您,无论您身在何处!
温度决定了肉品的风味、细嫩度、水分和安全性,而 GrillEye® Max 能够以最精确的方式测量温度!

ATHENS, ATTICA, GREECE, July 23, 2021 / — GrillEye® 由顶级烧烤和烟熏温度计制造商 G&C 打造,它是全球首款烤架或烟熏炉专用的即时、超精密智能温度计。

温度决定了肉品的风味、细嫩度、水分和安全性,而 GrillEye® Max 能够以最精确的方式测量温度!

使用 GrillEye® Max 时,用户只需:

1) 将 GrillEye® Iris 探针插入肉中

2) 选择生熟度偏好


GrillEye® 欢迎世界各地的每个人都来体验这个无需值守的完美烹饪世界,在这里,烹饪美味佳肴是如此简单,用户每天都能够节省时间和金钱。

这就是 GrillEye® Max 这款设备的惊人之处,它让每个人既能为挚爱之人烹饪美味大餐,同时又不会错过与他们共处的珍贵时光。

GrillEye® Max 建立了温度计的新标准,它在以下方面做到全球领先:

• 即时,2 秒即可读出数据
• 超精密,测量精度为 ±0.1°C/0.18°F,显示分辨率为 0.1
• 真正的智能温度计,具有惊人的附加功能,可同时控制多达 8 个探针

它需要与 GrillEye® Iris 探针配套使用,这些探针

• 经 FDA 认证,具有最大的安全性
• 经 NIST 认证,可进行超精密测量

有了 GrillEye® Max,烹饪从此告别盲猜。食品安全和美妙口感成为标准。

GrillEye® 诚邀所有人参与 7 月 26 日的直播,我们将为您现场演示 GrillEye® Max 如何带来全新的烧烤和烟熏体验。将在 上进行直播。

活动的举行时间将根据网站访问者的当地时间在 上公布。

关于 GrillEye®

GrillEye® 致力于让您的生活变得更加轻松。


Isadora Fraser
G & C LtD
+30 2108004995
email us here
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GrillEye® Max:适用于您的烧烤或吸烟者的第一个即时和超精确智能温度计

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Ex-banking and consulting Investors set to Launch a Multi-Asset Crypto Financing Platform – Pacific DeFi

Pacific DeFi, a subsidiary of C-Pacific Ventures Limited, has announced today that it is currently building a cross-chain multi-asset crypto financing platform.

BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS, July 23, 2021 / — Pacific DeFi, a subsidiary of C-Pacific Ventures Limited, has announced today that it is currently building a cross-chain multi-asset crypto financing platform that bridges the gap between centralized finance (CeFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi).

The protocol aims to create a new financial ecosystem that unifies the scattered DeFi landscape, providing cryptocurrency financing capabilities for both retail and institutional users.

Pacific DeFi will initially function on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, integrating with Polygon, Solana, HECO and Ethereum blockchains in the future.

Core products consist of crypto savings deposits, lending and borrowing, asset management, structured products, insurance, and a peer-to-peer crypto/fiat exchange application.

The team is currently working on obtaining regulatory licenses in select jurisdictions to offer financial services off-chain to bring them on-chain to the Pacific DeFi ecosystem.

The protocol’s native token, PACIFIC, powers the ecosystem and provides value to its holders in the form of token buybacks that come from the platform’s revenue.

Pacific DeFi’s founding members are Sam Weil, Ilkay Olmez and Michael Bucher. All three have over 30+ years of combined investment experience across real estate, equities and derivatives in the US, EU, African and SE-Asian markets. The team firmly believes blockchain technology will revolutionize the way investing & finance is done today and is on a mission to lower the barrier to entry so that everyone has access to financial services.

The Pacific platform will be simple and easy to understand. It will come with a straightforward onboarding process, enabling users to choose selected financial products with just one click. Once users are connected to a Metamask wallet, they can browse and invest/borrow via different products depending on their risk tolerance and financial goals.

Users will also be able to have a transparent view of their holdings via a smart dashboard.

"With Pacific DeFi, we want to give users a simple and easy to use platform to invest without having to keep track of many assets across various protocols” says Sam Weil. “Right now, we are at a point where DeFi and crypto are still in their infancy phases. Retail adoption will continue to grow, and platforms must provide secure and transparent services to new users who may not want to actively manage their crypto portfolios full-time” says Ilkay Olmez.

Users can view Pacific DeFi’s website here:

About Pacific DeFi:
Pacific DeFi aims to create a new financial ecosystem that unifies the current scattered DeFi landscape.

This includes savings products, lending & borrowing, insurance, asset management, crypto banking, synthetic products, and a peer-to-peer mobile crypto and fiat exchange application.

To provide the features above, Pacific DeFi will offer a universally usable wallet, token swap DEX platform, IDO platform, and inter-Blockchain liquidity transferability.

Samuel Weil
C-Pacific Ventures Ltd.
Visit us on social media:

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Ishikawa Brookfield Trading Has Announced A New Digital Market Research Platform

The unique software will allow analysts to explore and contribute to thousands of updated stock analysis reports.

TOKYO, JAPAN, July 23, 2021 / — Financial services company Ishikawa Brookfield Trading announced the launch of a new internal market research platform. The latest technological breakthrough will allow brokers and analysts to access a new form of data from growth forecasts, valuations, dividends, and internal transactions in real-time.

Ishikawa Brookfield Trading intends for a similar online software to be available for their clients in the first quarter of 2022. Currently, the platform only features financial equities, however, the company plans to expand in time for the retail launch into new sectors and markets such as bonds, foreign exchange pairs, indices, and other financial instruments.

The digital market research platform will also host a suite of solutions such as investing ideas. It has been designed to explore the companies range of tailored filters to identify investment opportunities that match an investment strategy.

"At Ishikawa Brookfield Trading, we are constantly adjusting to the forever changing financial climate, and with that comes the adoption of new technology. Our new digital market research platform will be an internal hub that allows us accelerated access from analysis to the final financial decision of the brokers. Using this technology, we instantly saw the demand for retail users. We expect to populate more markets and reports to be ready and available early next year." said Shun Fujino, Head of Market Analysis at Ishikawa Brookfield Trading.

The move for a new in-house platform came after the lack of customizable options available. The decision was approved by the company's board, with the product operating in the background collecting data and other resources from its internal research and analysis department.

The research platform will allow the business to increase automation which will relieve the workload of internal teams, enabling increased focus on serving client’s needs.

Ishikawa Brookfield Trading provides a strong commitment to investing in new technological developments to enhance and benefit the overall process for its staff and clients.

About Ishikawa Brookfield Trading
Based in the heart of one of the world's leading financial hubs, we are ideally placed to offer efficient opportunities for investment right across the globe. Ishikawa Brookfield Trading has a track record of success based on strategic acquisitions, a robust risk assessment framework, and industry knowledge.

Media & Press Contact
Mr. Shun Fujino, Head of Market Analysis

Shun Fujino
Ishikawa Brookfield Trading
+81 345655280
email us here

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The Clientron PT2500: Retail Transformation at the Point of Sale

The Clientron PT2500: Retail Transformation at the Point of Sale

The Clientron PT2500: Retail Transformation at the Point of Sale

Fanless Design with  Energy-Efficient and Powerful Intel® 7th Gen. Processors

Fanless Design with Energy-Efficient and Powerful Intel® 7th Gen. Processors

The Clientron PT2500: Retail Transformation at the Point of Sale

The Clientron PT2500: Retail Transformation at the Point of Sale

With the PT2500's reliability and capability, PetPark has the flexibility to evolve with the times without having to worry about new problems

It pays to the research necessary to make sure the system selected will meet your current and anticipated needs before purchasing a POS. The first step will be to analyze your actual needs.”

— Clientron Corp.

NEW TAIPEI CITY, TAIWAN, July 23, 2021 / — Established in 1999, the Wanda Pet Group is a well-known retailer with nearly 70 outlets across Taiwan providing a wide variety of foods, toys, medicines, and other care products for pets. With their recent diversification into services, such as grooming and housing, Wanda needed a robust and future-proof Point-of-Sale (POS) system. The new system must handle sales, inventory, and merchandise logistics, as well as flexible appointment scheduling, online-to-offline (O2O) promotions and reward programs, and new service categories that can meet the needs of a fast-evolving market.

Wanda chose the Clientron all-in-one PT2500 retail system.

The Clientron PT2500: Retail Transformation at the Point of Sale

Smooth Integration and Operation
With the Clientron PT2500, sales checkout is intuitive and seamless, with both its hardware and software tailored to meet the needs of busy retailers for scale and flexibility, including smooth integration with proprietary software.

Enhanced Customer Relations and Upsales
The PT2500 compiles email addresses, payment information, and other customer data, saving time during customer interactions while making it easier to offer, monitor, and innovate promotions, rewards programs, and value-adds.

Enhanced Employee Management
The PT2500 can track staff work hours, eliminating the need for separate time clocks while providing easy access to this data for calculating paychecks, holiday rates, and vacation time. It also facilitates employee performance monitoring. For example, during personnel training, the system can provide notifications, instructions, and even follow-up reminders.

Enhanced Inventory Management
Inventory monitoring and order are not always seamless. But with the PT2500, sales can be tracked across multiple locations, with automated inventory control even through third-party management systems. In addition, easy lookup of available quantities, prices, and product details make for smoother relations with your customers.

Improved Tax Management
The PT2500 simplifies tax reporting by making all required data quickly and easily available while ensuring correct sales or gross receipt tax calculation at the point of sale, minimizing sales and accounting errors.

Superb Design
The Clientron PT2500 offers a comfortable 15-inch dust-resistant and spill-resistant touchscreen and a durable fanless IP64-rated aluminum alloy chassis that minimizes damage and downtime. The Intel® Core CPU provides plenty of processing power, while the easily removable drive bay handles present and future storage needs. USB ports on both sides of the terminal enable easy and convenient connection with barcode scanners, thermal printers, label printers, and other peripherals.
The Clientron PT2500: Retail Transformation at the Point of Sale

Easy Transformation
With the PT2500's reliability and capability, Wanda has the flexibility to evolve with the times, without having to worry about new technical problems creeping up, such as point-of-sales errors or failures that might lead to an angry customer, making a scene on the premises, or posting a one-star review online later. And with its employee management and promotion innovation capabilities, the PT2500 puts digital transformation of Wanda's entire business within reach, without the usual technical learning curve, empowering them to do their business, grow their business, and evolve their business.

To learn more about the PT2500 from a Clientron representative, contact us here.

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Botanical Nutrition Company VK Platinum Announces Upcoming ICO Purchase and Staking for PlatinumO2 Crypto Token

Platinum02 crypto token

Platinum02 crypto token

VK Platinum shares vital cellular level health and wellness nutrition research, supported by PlatinumO2 crypto token

ATLANTA, USA, July 23, 2021 / — VK Platinum today announced its upcoming ICO purchase and staking for its revolutionary Platinum02 crypto token. VK Platinum has developed an innovative approach to optimum living, beginning with mind and body, which are the “absolute essentials for self-mastery.”

Through decades of evidence-based scientific research, application of the results of VK Platinum’s discoveries is ready to be shared. The prime awareness of optimal health and wellness through superior nutrition has been confirmed at the cellular level and the Platinum02 crypto token will support the manufacture and distribution of VK Platinum’s proprietary products.

“VK Platinum is a company specializing in botanical nutrition from natural, uncultivated wild plants,” said CEO and research expert Dr. Sebi. “These plants provide an essential source of nutrition for humans based on exhaustive research, proving that VK Platinum has discovered the optimal nutrition product available for people today. The premise of the nutritional model is simple and scientific because all life forms on the planet evolved primarily through plant life. Food for animals and humans is the premise of pre-Jurassic botanical plant kingdoms that form a powerful nutritional defense ‘army.’”

According to Dr. Sebi, “2020 presented the world with the evidence of just how the COVID-19 global pandemic has fundamentally altered the course of human history. VK Platinum is the only company that has taken a global view of the nutrition spectrum to meet the challenges of humanity with a health and wellness planetary action plan. We focus on pre-Jurassic botanical nutrition as a viable force of nature. The original sustenance for early humans is the key to our future pointing to our choosing an optimal diet now. We aim to rebuild robust human immune systems and utilize modern digital data and cryptocurrency to make this a reality for long-term human health.”

The Platinum02 tokens’ value range will include an option to fund botanical production, which provides token “stakers” with three bonuses, including a specific percentage of tokens earned each harvesting, a 25% discount on all products purchased by stakers themselves and a package of profit-sharing benefits. These bonus offers apply to all health and nutritional products.
VK Platinum’s Platinum02 crypto token provides numerous opportunities for B2B partnership options. Stakers will have access to a global network grid token pillar, digital wallet options, use of the VK Platinum app, R&D exploration initiatives, as well as a planetary botanicals DNA nutrition initiative.

The important categories involved in basing cryptocurrency on pure, botanical nutritional health include a participant’s stake for value and earnings, share care,” mobilizing the masses” with an information campaign, building P2Pi3, super affiliate network opportunities, auto shipping for stakers and managing token value accrual.

Dr. Sebi encourages nutrition and cryptocurrency pioneers to, “control your mind, control your time, control your money, control your health, control your growth and control your path.”

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