How the SavePlanetEarth Token Is Contributing to the Planting and Preserving of 1 Million Trees

Why Save Planet Earth Token Is Establishing Global Contracts for Tree Planting

BRADFORD, UK, July 22, 2021 / — Cryptocurrency today has the power to tackle larger causes by building a better business model. See how the Save Planet Earth token is making it easier for people to reduce their carbon footprint.

Rising temperatures and unexpected weather events are just two of the major changes we’ve seen due to global warming. The amount of carbon we use today is clearly unsustainable, yet no one can seem to agree on exactly what can and should be done worldwide.

The Save Planet Earth token is a cryptocurrency that is hoping to bridge the climate gap by contributing to more trees (amongst other initiatives).

The Global Influence and Initiatives of the Save Planet Earth Token

The main goal of this cryptocurrency is to help companies offset their carbon footprint with the help of carbon credits. These credits are essentially a stepping stone until companies can make a permanent switch to renewable resources.

This will mean establishing relationships all over the world and becoming a real partner to individual governments. The Save Planet Earth token will use its profits to help capture and remove carbon to protect our land, air, and water. This is known as carbon sequestration, and it’s been hailed as a potential solution to a worldwide problem.

New Trees in Sri Lanka and the Maldives

The Save Planet Earth token has already achieved a significant milestone by partnering with both Sri Lanka and the Maldives to plant trees. By adding 100 million trees in Sri Lanka and 1 million trees in the Maldives, the Save Planet Earth token is contributing to the removal of carbon in these countries and beyond.

You can think of forests much like a large drain for this destructive element. The carbon in the atmosphere is pulled out and funneled into both the trees and soil. It’s a way for the Save Planet Earth token to turn harmful carbon into clean air (so we can all breathe a little easier).

Building Additional Partnerships for the Benefit of Us All

It’s been just a few months since the token was launched and it's already managed to make a big impression. The Save Planet Earth Token is currently listed on Bitmart, Cointiger, Whitebit, and Hotbit. Its company executives are also working on building further partnerships with more governments and NGOs. If we are ever going to really defeat climate change, it’s going to mean all hands on deck.

These sustainable projects are the key to the Save Planet Earth token’s success. The efforts are fueled by the profit of the crypto and a consistent cycle of new initiatives. Once profits (rather than donations) are collected, they are divided into different carbon sequestration projects.

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