Launch Coalition entrepreneurs celebrate wins as they grow, learn, and collaborate together

Launch Coalition | Entrepreneurs Are Stronger Together

Launch Coalition | Entrepreneurs Are Stronger Together

The collaborative Coalition of entrepreneurs inside the Launch Coalition are collectively celebrating wins in business growth, podcasting, and beyond.

If there's one thing I've consistently seen throughout my own entrepreneurial journey, it's that entrepreneurs are always stronger together.”

— Brian Lofrumento

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, April 15, 2021 / — Entrepreneurs inside the Launch Coalition are celebrating many wins together nearly a year since inception as they've experienced wins in business growth, podcasting, and book launches.

These entrepreneurs are teaming up to grow, learn, and collaborate together through the Coalition, which provides a community and platform for entrepreneurs to help each other, share their wins, and team up to accelerate their progress. Founded in 2020, the Coalition has attracted entrepreneurs in all industries and at all levels, and features monthly guest experts who exclusively offer their insights, strategies, and advice to Coalition members to fast-track their success.

Recent wins have included a plethora of collaborative and individual successes, from the successful launch of the Everyday Fitness w/ Coach Marc Podcast, hosted by Coalition members Marc Zimmermann and Brian Lofrumento, which hit #12 in the list of top fitness podcasts, to the wildly successful launch of relationship expert Nate Bagley's "Are We Roommates? Summit," where he teamed up with Coalition member and advertising expert Mitch Loar to host a summit featuring top speakers and experts, with thousands of attendees.

"If there's one thing I've consistently seen throughout my own entrepreneurial journey, it's that we're always stronger together," Launch Coalition founder Brian Lofrumento said. "Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey, but the way to overcome that obstacle – and so many others – is to surround yourself with a community that believes in you, that has been where you want to go, and that can help you avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls that so many people fall into. Seeing a community of entrepreneurs lift each other up, answer each other's questions, and show what's working in their own businesses helps accelerate the success of everyone inside the Coalition."

The Launch Coalition has featured guest expert session from industry leaders like Brandon Hendrix, the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Thrasios, which has become the fastest US company to ever reach a $1 billion valuation profitably, as well as Ian Westermann, the CEO & Founder of the world's largest online tennis instructional company, Essential Tennis, which has amassed over 65 million views on YouTube. These sessions give Coalition entrepreneurs rare insights into the exact strategies being used at the top of industries, and gives them direct access to getting their questions answered by the most knowledgable and successful entrepreneurs across industries.

In addition to the community and outside experts, Coalition members also benefit from internal workshops, showing them how to successfully launch online products through the use of marketing funnels and advertising campaigns, how to create and use videos to build their brands and grow their businesses, and how to rapidly grow their audiences.

Coalition members have also recently enjoyed successes in successful book publishings and launches, new product and service launches, and have even partnered up to exchange goods and services to further accelerate their growth.

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