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Marcan Insurance specializes in helping marijuana users and marijuana businesses save time and money on their life and disability insurance.

If you use marijuana and need life insurance, you should not be paying tobacco rates on your insurance. We will help you get approved with a marijuana-friendly insurance company at no additional cost.”

— Chris Abrams

SAN DIEGO, CA, UNITED STATES, March 8, 2021 / — Formerly Marijuana Life Insurance, Marcan Insurance remains committed to providing affordable life insurance to medical and recreational smokers while avoiding the harsh penalty of smoking rates insurance companies typically impose. Marcan Insurance represents the leading marijuana-friendly life insurance companies. We will shop them all on your behalf to save you time and money on your insurance.

Some insurance companies are more progressive and eagerly accept marijuana use. However, you have to apply with the right insurance company for your situation. Not all insurance companies are marijuana-friendly. If you apply with the wrong company, you may be declined for coverage or charged tobacco rates. No exam insurance policies are also available for marijuana users. Marcan Insurance takes the stress and mystery out of knowing which company to use. Our job is to guide you to the best company for your particular situation.

Even with HIPAA regulations, many people remain concerned about privacy, especially regarding their employers or public image. This change reflects a continuing commitment to safeguarding that privacy. It does not matter if marijuana is legal in your state yet. The right insurance company will offer you coverage in all 50 states and DC.

In addition to consumers, we work with many marijuana businesses on their insurance. This may include buy-sell life insurance, collateral assignment insurance for business loans, disability insurance or key person insurance.

Marijuana laws and legality are constantly changing. Our job at Marcan Insurance is to stay on top of these changes to advise clients accordingly. You can view instant insurance quotes on our website along with additional information, tips and advice.

Insurance is important, but can be confusing if you are not dealing with it every day. Consider us your partner to help get the best policy at the lowest cost. Contact us today for a no obligation consultation or quick quote.

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