Crypto Asset Rating Inc is now entering into a Channel Partner agreement with Cyblorian Research and Consulting

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Crypto Asset Rating Inc a US-Based fintech company disrupting the global capital market announced its channel partnership with Cyblorian Research and Consulting

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 24, 2021 / — Crypto Asset Rating Inc, a US-Based fintech company disrupting the global capital market, announced today its channel partnership with Cyblorian Research and Consulting.

The Founder and CEO, Mr. Aayush Mahant of Cyblorian Research and Consulting company, an IT graduate with experience in cybersecurity and Blockchain, has sent handshake to Crypto Asset Rating Inc. Mr. Aayush has been in the crypto space for the last six years and has functioned on various Blockchain media companies.

The Crypto Asset Rating Inc's Channel Partner Program enables partners to offer various capabilities from rating services to tokenizing the crypto assets. Partners can refer, resell, consult, or provide any combination of Crypto Asset Rating Inc's services depending on their business model and the client opportunity. Channel Partners receive exclusive access to all our platforms' sales tools, training, and marketing campaigns and benefit from our brand name.

By offering partners capabilities, the program can complement and enhance many different business models, even as they evolve. In addition to providing multiple partner categories to fit various business models, the Crypto Asset Rating Inc's Channel Partner Program provides an industry-leading partner experience centered around a performance-based incentive and reward structure.

About Cyblorian Research and consulting:

Cyblorian Research and consulting are working towards giving education and awareness on cryptocurrency and other developing technologies. Cyblorian Research and Consulting's objective is set on 6 Es- Educate, Enable, Empower, Enrich, Engage and Embark the community towards bulk acceptance of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. They have plans to have numerous education sessions and peer-to-peer guided sessions for beginners.

Our software solutions will enable Cyblorian Research and Consulting to provide more exposure to our Fintech products and experience in the Digital Issuance market. Our partnership will provide a true, end-to-end solution that will greatly benefit our customers. This surely will allow both the companies to continue to offer innovative products and services for millions of consumers.

Benefits of this Partnership:

This partnership will build credibility with potential customers to provide solutions and services where customers can get better support locally. This might even generate new cross-selling opportunities where Cyblorian Research and Consulting will get exclusive access to all Crypto Asset Rating platforms, so it's easier to market Crypto Asset Rating Platform (CARP), Tokenization Asset Platform (TAP), and Crypto Business World (CBW), a content platform to bring potential new business.

About Crypto Asset Rating Inc
Crypto Asset Rating Inc. (the "CAR Inc") is a FinTech company driven to plug the gaps in the crypto market and bridge the governance institutions with the existing and new thought leaders of the crypto industry.
Crypto Asset Rating Inc believes in solving key challenges of the FinTech Industry. Our Crypto Asset Rating Platform (CARP), an Independent Structured Rating Agency, comprehensively rates crypto assets for Institutional and Retail Clients. The Company developed a custom rating algorithm to conduct an exhaustive multi-layered evaluation covering four distinct risk buckets—business, financial, legal, and technology.
Our Tokenization Asset Platform (TAP) is a Software as a Service (SaaS) tokenization platform that offers the process of creating, issuing, managing, and converting an asset to digital securities programmatically Blockchain in a more restrictive and compliant way by embedding the logic in Smart Contracts.
The Company's quality content knowledge platform, Crypto Business World (CBW), is the one-stop-shop for all updates in the crypto market.
Keeping the FinTech world's prospects in the upcoming years, Crypto Asset Rating Inc has isolated planning to develop other fintech products and services like Crypto Index, Exchange rating, Sovereign rating, ETF rating: that procures revenue potential.

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