Recorded Meeting Gone Viral? Make Sure this Doesn’t Happen By Using an Enterprise Video Content Management System


Through VIDIZMO, enterprises can better manage their recorded meetings, determine who gets to see them and reduce the risk of them going viral.

TYSONS, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, February 22, 2021 / — Certain video content being used in organizations can be sensitive, and needs to be accessible to people in a controlled way; “who gets to see them and who does not?”. At VIDIZMO, we understand that access management is important to organizations and have built our video solutions to cater to such challenges.

VIDIZMO provides enterprise video content management systems that can help organizations better manage their recorded online meetings. Keeping in mind privacy and security concerns, recorded meetings are not meant to be seen by everyone and organizations struggle in restricting access to meetings or preventing them from going viral.

The recorded Parish Council meeting in the UK, for instance, is a recent example of how meetings can go viral. If recorded meetings are not carefully handled, it can cause trouble; especially when it comes to data privacy compliance and keeping certain discussions within the organization walls.

VIDIZMO, through effective access management of recorded meetings, can help organizations control how their recorded meetings are being seen and shared, the parts they need to omit, and the retention period of these meetings. Therefore, the risks of recorded meetings going viral or unauthorized people accessing them is minimized.

But how does VIDIZMO help here? VIDIZMO allows you to automatically ingest recorded meetings from your Zoom cloud (or any other meeting system), and delete it from Zoom cloud (or other storage). Your administration can then define access for these meetings before publishing them (Who can watch them? Who can’t watch them? Can people download them or are they only for viewing?). These can then be published in a brandable YouTube-like library with authenticated access, or shared through links. Through end-to-end encryption and detailed logs, you can ensure that only relevant people are able to access your recorded meetings.

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