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New Bible Study Flips Secular View of Retirement Planning

I wrote this Bible study because after twenty years as a financial professional I realized the traditional retirement planning process is backwards.”

— Robert Laura Retirement Activist

BRIGHTON, MI, UNITED STATES, December 3, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — It’s a question that doesn’t often come up in traditional retirement planning, but scripture not only mentions retirement, but it overflows with wisdom, ideas, and characters of the Bible that can be used to help people make a successful transition from work life to home life.

Retirement Roots is a 7-part video series that helps people create a Christian plan for everyday life after work. In this study, author and nationally recognized retirement expert Robert Laura has flipped the secular view of retirement upside down and guides people away from what is often portrayed as a self-centered time to a God centered time.

As part of the interactive and engaging process, he helps people to not only strengthen their relationship with the Lord, but to also use Scripture that help replace their work identity, fill their time, stay relevant and connected, as well as mentally and physically active.

“I wrote this Bible study because after twenty years as a financial professional I realized the traditional retirement planning process is backwards. It’s the reason why so many people not only fail, but often ruin their relationships, turn to unhealthy habits, feel isolated or alone, or regret their decision to leave work. Furthermore, retirement is portrayed as life’s ultimate goal and sign of freedom, but it’s not! Getting into heaven is… and that’s a powerful reality I don’t want anyone to regret or realize too late,” says Laura.

The program is ideal for churches and small groups as well as individuals and couples. For larger audiences it can be presented as a one-day interactive workshop either in person or virtually. For smaller groups and individuals, the program and workbook are available online for easy access and on-demand use.

“We’ve offered the program both in person and virtually and they have been game changers for many at NorthRidge and our surrounding community. We appreciate Robert helping our people look at retirement with a biblical lens and to steward their time, talent, influence and treasure well,” adds Jessica Furlong, Stewardship Lead at NorthRidge Church in Plymouth Michigan.

The content is thoughtfully designed to reach people at every level of faith by providing participants with Biblical perspective on creating clarity, purpose and direction in this next phase of life. It’s also ideal for seekers and those looking to renew their relationship with Jesus Christ.

“Retirement Roots is designed to be a fisher of both men and women, including seasoned believers, those who are new to faith or those on the outside who need to be looking within. The reality is, everyone eventually retires and needs to find new direction, purpose, and passion for their life. So why not use God’s perfect plan and promises to help people store up treasures in heaven rather than just here on earth?” suggests Laura.

It's time to re-envision retirement in terms of salvation and saving grace rather than personal savings. The trailer for the series is available at youtube.com as well as the program website, RetirementRoots.org. The workbook is also available at Amazon.com

For a media copy of the workbook or access to sample videos, please contact us for additional details.


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