The spider plot graph illustrates the combined response of the patient’s lung tumors to intravenous DeltaRex-G gene therapy after failing standard chemotherapy for sarcoma.

The Aveni Foundation mission is to expedite development of gene-targeted technologies for cancer and COVID-19, an unmet medical need.

Made possible by the Right to Try law of 2018 and the revival of a “tumor-targeted gene therapy”

To gain approval for an intermediate size population, the FDA requires DeltaRex-G, an investigational agent, to have demonstrated safety and efficacy in early clinical trials.”

— Erlinda M. Gordon, M.D.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, October 26, 2020 / — The Aveni Foundation and the Cancer Center of Southern California are proud to announce that the first participant of FDA-approved clinical trial “BLESSED: Expanded Access for DeltaRex-G” ( NCT04091295) has achieved objective clinical benefit within 8 weeks, with control of tumor growth and no toxic side effects. The patient has Stage 4 chondrosarcoma, a type of bone cancer, that is uniformly fatal. His lung tumors grew rapidly while on chemotherapy, leaving him with few, if any, viable treatment options. Eight months later, the subject continues to enjoy sustained stabilization of tumor growth with continuing targeted therapy.

DeltaRex-G is the first, and so far only, tumor-targeted genetic medicine that has been validated in the clinic worldwide. Injected intravenously, the
DeltaRex-G nanoparticles seek-out and accumulate in cancerous lesions and delivers a designer “killer” gene that sends a message to the cancer cells to self-destruct without collateral damage. DeltaRex-G has been successfully tested in 5 U.S. based and 3 Philippine-based clinical trials, which resulted in long term survival (11-12 years) of patients with hard-to-treat chemotherapy resistant Stage 4 cancers including pancreatic cancer, bone and soft tissue sarcoma, breast cancer and B-cell lymphoma (Molecular Therapy Vol 27 No 4S1 April 2019, abs 275).

The Aveni Foundation is actively raising funds for the FDA-approved “Blessed” trial in order to treat up to 40 patients. According to Dr. Erlinda Gordon, President of the Aveni Foundation: "The Aveni Foundation is deeply grateful for the Right to Try law of 2018, which gives cancer patients access to experimental drugs, such as DeltaRex-G, for compassionate use. To gain approval for a larger number of patients, the FDA requires an investigational drug to have demonstrated safety and efficacy in early clinical trials."

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