Jim Thomas City of Hope – Your Business's Efficiency Is Directly Tied to Your IT

Jim Thomas City of Hope

Jim Thomas City of Hope

RANCHO MISSION VIEJO, CA, USA, July 30, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Companies without the proper IT support for their business risk falling behind their competition.

“As an executive, your primary task is delegation. When it comes to outsourcing, your main goal is to preserve your staff’s core competencies. Being efficient in business relies on how you take advantage of specialization – you have to let your staff do what they do best and outsource the rest to the experts,” explains Jim Thomas City of Hope.

Jim Thomas City of Hope Discusses IT Managed Services

“Modern businesses rely on their digital infrastructures just to keep up with the competition,” says Jim Thomas City of Hope. “Digital networks provide connectivity and security that allow you to work remotely, correspond with customers, and access real-time data. That’s just par for the course.”

However, that’s just the basics. “To get ahead, you have to leverage your technology. Ask yourself, ‘How can I streamline my processes so my employees are spending less time on manual, mindless tasks and more time on the big picture – on improvement and innovation,’” enthuses Jim Thomas City of Hope.
As for those employees who aren’t incredibly technologically savvy, making sure you have a solid IT infrastructure brings peace of mind. “The less your employees have to think about their IT infrastructure, the more time they can spend on what you’re paying them to do,” says Jim Thomas City of Hope.

The Right IT Infrastructure Can Streamline Your Business Says Jim Thomas City of Hope

“Email, Teams, Microsoft 365, Slack, Adobe Suite, your accounting software – every program you use, your internet connection, your computers and tablets and TVs – all of it is a part of your network. Everything we do in the modern workplace, from printing a contract to posting on social media, is tied to our network,” explains Jim Thomas City of Hope.

“If you can make each of those programs – and the tasks completed on them – run a little more smoothly, go a little faster, you can use that time to move on to the next task. The little efficiencies add up quickly,” says Jim Thomas City of Hope.

Jim Thomas City of Hope continues, “It’s just like streamlining an airplane or a car. Tiny tweaks to improve wind resistance, shaving off a few ounces of weight – it all culminates in that moment when you cross the finish line millimetres ahead of the competition. You have to give yourself every advantage possible to win.”

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Jim Thomas City of Hope

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