How Seniors Can Plan Ahead for Unexpected Expenses in Retirement

Harbor Life Settlements encourages seniors not to cancel their life insurance policies, nor let them lapse.

AUSTIN, TX, USA, September 30, 2019 / — How Seniors Can Plan Ahead for Unexpected Expenses in Retirement

Harbor Life Settlements encourages seniors not to cancel their life insurance policies, nor let them lapse. Often these policies can be sold for cash, allowing seniors to meet expenses in retirement.

A Life Settlement is a Better Option than Canceling or Letting a Life Insurance Policy Lapse

Many seniors have spent decades carefully saving for retirement. Even so, unexpected expenses can ruin the best of plans. The most forward-thinking individuals may have hard choices to make when faced with sharply rising life insurance premiums. A big decision will likely loom for a number of retirees: should they keep paying their life insurance premiums, or should they just cancel or let the policies lapse?

One would think that canceling or letting the life insurance lapse would be a smart move – it certainly would help people get out from under the heavy burden of high premiums. Harbor Life Settlements wants every senior to understand that there is an alternative to canceling or letting their life insurance policy lapse: it’s called a life settlement. This solution may provide a lot of money to a person who has no need for their policy anymore and is interested in selling it for cash.

A lump sum cash payment can be just what is needed when unexpected living expenses crop up, or when seniors want to get peace of mind, knowing they’ll have the cash to pay for long-term care costs. Best of all, the lump sum of cash can be used any way that seniors wish – it’s up to them.

Since most seniors don’t know that they can sell their life insurance policies for cash, it can be useful to define how this is possible. A life insurance policy is legally an asset that can be sold, like any other piece of property. This fact was legally established in 1911 in a Supreme Court case known as Grigsby v. Russell. So with this legal right available to them, seniors can explore their options with a life settlement.

Free Policy Valuation with No Obligation from Harbor Life Settlements

Harbor Life Settlements can help seniors find out what their life insurance policies are worth in cash with a Free Valuation. This is a multi-step process that usually takes just a few weeks (much faster than with other solutions, or if people were to pursue it on their own). Harbor Life works with seniors to establish eligibility (usually the policyholder needs to be at least 65 years old and own a policy worth at least $100,000). Once eligibility has been established, and other supporting documentation is obtained, Harbor Life will work with its network of brokers and providers to complete the process. Harbor Life makes it possible for seniors to get the best cash price for their life insurance policy. This is a free service, with no obligation to sell.

Knowing What a Policy is Worth in Cash Puts Power Back in Seniors’ Hands

Some seniors decide to sell upon receiving their cash offer, as they have expenses they need to meet, or they want to live better now by pursuing travel, hobbies or other activities. The choice of what to do with the money is theirs. Other seniors decide to find out what their policies are worth in cash now, and keep the information in mind, should they decide to sell later.

Harbor Life’s friendly and knowledgeable team is just a phone call away at 1 (800) 694-0006. Seniors who wish to claim their Free, No Obligation Valuation can call Harbor Life Settlements to get started with the process. It takes just a short time, and the results can help seniors enjoy a more financially secure retirement.

Harbor Life Settlements encourages all seniors to find out how much they can get in cash for their life insurance policies. It’s easy to learn more:

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