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DALLAS, TEXAS, USA, July 18, 2019 / — The world’s defence and security markets are being reshaped by new strategies.

Most countries have been seen reducing or rebalancing their defence spend and the greatest increase seen across the board has been in the Intelligence segment.

As can be seen in most areas of the world where active conflict still exists, the wars being fought are no longer wars between countries. The shape of wars has changed with the emergence of groups with ideologies and wars fought by proxy. In other instances political instability has been instigated by foreign governments or influences. This new way and approach through which forces seeking to secure political change or seeking to disrupt stability cannot be fought simply by throwing money at military hardware or increasing the number of military recruits!

New threats need to be dealt with in very different ways. One needs to not only react to attack but one needs to pro-actively identify and address the more complex threats we are faced with today. Whether it is an uprising, a terrorist attack or a cyber attack, the right Intelligence infrastructure and team can help reduce the exposure to such risks.

An Intelligence gathering effort which results in huge amounts of Metadata with limited ability to understand the information collected or no real means to relate the Metadata to Hum Int, is effectively of very limited use. Ever since the intelligence field has suffered from lack of recruitment of individuals who possess the ability to understand basic human behaviour and current global events, the intelligence forces have ended up thinking within “pre-defined parameters” rather than “outside the box”. Training used in defence institutions has seen little change or willingness to adapt methods to help address a desperate need for critical thinking and a more contextual analysis and understanding of current events. As a result, analysis and reports by various intelligence agencies show a clear reactive vs. pro-active stance.

Global Intel Source provides the expertise and background required to pose the difficult question and do the critical thinking to create an environment where a more pro-active approach towards these new realities can be put into play. Global Intel Source can provide Critical Infrastructure analysis, advice on potential security threats both cyber and infrastructure, provide the background to assist develop stronger internal government protocols and standards and conduct Threat Risk Assessments on a variety of issues ranging from internal to external threats.

Through a more cooperative model addressing common threats, it is possible to develop greater trust and respect amongst countries which will help foster stronger international relations between them.


• Holistic approach towards addressing the new threats
• Access to a specialist pool of contractors who train and help develop a vast intelligence network.
• Access to Global Intel Source’s own network.
• Collaborative project coordinators and platform providers. With this service provided to specific countries seeking to develop a coordinated effort towards fighting common threats, Global Intel Source can be placed as as an independent platform provider and facilitator in a unique and trusted position to help coordinate mutual interest projects in scenarios where countries still have an element of distrust.
• Global Intel Source can provide Threat Risk Analysis or general advice with respect to specific projects or initiatives, critical infrastructure analysis, and security (cyber and infrastructure) analysis.
• Knowledge is power. By identifying weaknesses and the resultant potential security threats in a specific client’s nation Global Intel Source can act on providing them with the hard security assets needed to address any such threat.

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Source: EIN Presswire