Enginuity Power Systems’ Jim Warren to Speak at Engine Expo 2018

James Warren – Chief Technology Officer

This engine is small, portable and powerful.

The revolutionary design of an inwardly opposed-piston engine is the main topic

Attendees will learn about Enginuity’s agile development process, and how the systems that flow from that process make formerly impossible designs, possible.”

— James Warren – Chief Technology Officer

ALEXANDRIA, VA, UNITED STATES, October 18, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Enginuity Power Systems’ Chief Technology Officer James Warren will present and discuss the development of the patented and revolutionary design of a four stroke, inwardly opposed-piston engine. With a small and powerful profile, there are a myriad of applications for what this engine design can deliver; most notably as a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Unit.

This powerful in-home system runs quieter and without the intrusive vibration which is common to home generators, allowing you to be your own utility, and making your home a key component in an increasingly decentralized power distribution grid. Enginuity’s CHP can be an integral part of the power delivery system underpinning America’s clean-energy future.

"To have this opportunity to speak to such an informed group at the Engine Expo is very exciting. Attendees will learn about Enginuity’s agile development process, and how the systems that flow from that process make formerly impossible designs, possible,” says Jim Warren.

Mr. Warren goes on to say, “I really believe the engine-educated group at Engine Expo 2018 will quickly be able to move past the ‘how does it work’ so we can focus on the applications of the design, ‘why it works’, and how it represents a sea change from the current options. We are bench tested and the results supported our projections. As a Combined Heat and Power Unit, the natural gas and electric utilities will be rocked by the environmental sea-change the unit represents."

Enginuity’s CHP can power residential and commercial buildings as their primary source of electricity, can serve as an emergency backup source and supports the developing microgrid and nanogrid movement. The best part of this exciting new technology is its retrofit capability into the same space currently occupied by conventional water heaters; integration is as easy as ‘plug and play’.

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Learn about how our patented design for a Combined Heat & Power Unit is revolutionary.

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