Oil & Gas Exploration & Production: An Anchor for Any Investment Portfolio

"Wildcatters” are obsolete; scientists now pioneer a new frontier of security

Integrity is simply a matter of protecting our partners’ investments, a commitment to extraordinary service, ‘following the rules’ and protecting our planet…. Everyone benefits.”

— William Baker, CEO

GARLAND, TX, USA, August 20, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — A wise man once said, “Luck is the function of preparation meeting opportunity.” To that maxim must be added the necessity of expertise meeting experience. Today’s most successful developmental oil & gas companies, their investors, enjoy the benefits of 21st Century state-of-the-art technology, pure science and professional management in order to “get lucky”. Never before have opportunities become available with minimal risk while maximizing profit.

Locating a small ocean of accessible oil & gas, hidden more than 1,000’s of feet below the earth’s surface … among millions of cubic miles of the earth’s crust … is only half the battle. Bringing the product above ground, transmitting it to refineries across 1,000’s of miles, accommodating regulatory compliance, protecting the environment and optimizing market values require integrity, insight and 24/7 diligence in order to generate optimal returns.

Increasingly, industry trends attest to the value of investments with independent, proven, development companies in the oil & gas business. Significant tax advantages, higher potential for ROI’s, less vulnerability to the whims and wild fluctuations of international markets, politics and lobbyists, only complement the potential superiority of these investments as opposed to the stock or commodities markets. Key, however, is identifying the proven and durable enterprises that have survived and thrived despite the inevitable fluctuations in prices and outside geo-political influences thereon.

In a recent survey, one prominent example of stability stands out. Cannon Operating, LLC has weathered the storms of $26 per barrel oil and rewarded its investors with $110 per barrel oil over the past 10-plus years. Although based in (where else but?) Dallas, TX, Cannon and its international investors have found consistent success in its many projects throughout the U.S. As importantly, the fundamental corporate philosophy is one of, “Integrity”.

In a recent interview, CEO William Baker elaborated: “We’re scheduled to have Mustang #2 spudded at the end of August 2018. The press and the public are encouraged to contact our offices for the technical details or any remaining investment opportunities. To your question on the definition of our commitment to “integrity”, I’ll make this brief.”

“Integrity” is simply a matter of protecting our partners’ investments, a commitment to extraordinary service, ‘following the rules’ and protecting our planet: We issue regular status and financial reports to all investor-owners. We also spend a small fortune in knowing and meeting all state and federal government mandates – whatever they may be in any given month. As importantly, we don’t over-react to any transient, artificial, tax windfalls or deregulation of environmental protections. We’re in this for the long haul. Everyone benefits from our vision, commitment to safety and social responsibility.”

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Source: EIN Presswire