Diamond Reserve Club launches 21 news sharing platforms, strictly follows Roadmap for ecosystem development

Diamond Reserve Club launches 21 news sharing resources as part of framework for ecosystem development in strict accordance with Roadmap

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 13, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Diamond Reserve Club – a first ever private business club with membership tokenized through the blockchain-based Diamond Reserve Coin (DRC) hedged by physical diamonds is now a reality, which we invite everyone to embrace, and join us in our jubilation. As part of this new reality, and in strict accordance with the project’s roadmap laid out by the DRC founding member Max Zaslavskiy and his team, the Club’s ecosystem makes strides toward fulfilling the Club’s goals giving the members all necessary ammunition to navigate the rough seas of the modern business environment.

The plan to launch the 101Lego – a Digital Media Holding consisting of 21 online news platforms, each covering a different aspect of business activities, creative outpours, and social interactions between the Diamond Reserve Club members while providing an opportunity to earn tokens with every click, is well underway. As a commitment to the pledge we’ve made to the Club members, by September 18, 2017 we’re launching the first 6 news sharing platforms. There you may not only receive news relative to your business or social endeavours, but start posting your own content, share it, like and comment content by others, and earn Diamond Reserve Coins with every action. By print date, all resource are already online in beta, we invite the Club members to create accounts and explore the possibilities. The members of general public are also encouraged to peruse the websites and realize the possibilities and benefits of becoming the Diamond Reserve Club members.

The PPA (Pay Per Action) concept is not unique to the Diamond Reserve Club’s ecosystem, but it very well may be absolutely unique to the DRC in terms of countless possibilities of converting digital tokens into real-life value assets by way of hedging those tokens with real physical diamonds. You have the ultimate freedom to turn virtually anything you do inside the Club’s ecosystem into profit, especially content.

The shareability of your content within the Diamond Reserve Club’s ecosystem is seemingly endless with each resource having its own strong online, offline, and social presence. Namely, for those members interested in the latest crypto developments, we offer one of the Club’s ecosystem leading news sharing platforms CryptoNetwork.io covering virtually every aspect of cryptocurrency, blockchain, ICO, and token sales. Your activities here will be closely monitored by more than a quarter of a million subscribers, regular users, and news organizations all over the world. This kind of exposure is something, for which businesses pay huge amounts of money to agencies specializing in digital promotion. Not only do the Diamond Reserve Club members get it for free, their content is earning them DRCs with every sign of interest from the 829000 strong community.

Additionally, by September 18, the Diamond Reserve Club members will be able to enjoy the following fully functional news sharing services:

101renews.org is a hub for all things real estate related. It’s your personal guide to real estate world. From super luxury properties, to subprime mortgage news and affordable housing development – if you have an opinion on any pertinent subject, we invite you to share it right here and earn DRCs while doing it.

101finances.org is a guide through the labyrinth of high finance. To be in the know on subjects like the latest political developments concerning word economy or to be the first one to find out, which 6 of the world's largest banks are pioneering the cryptocurrency market means pure profit. If that’s something you’re after, the buck stops here.

The name 101travel.org speaks for itself. Anything you need to know to start travelling in style is at your fingertips. SHare your most precious experiences, tell the Club members about the most luxurious destinations you’ve ever been to. The more excitement about your story you manage to generate, the more tokens you earn!

101adv.org is the answer to those seeking creative counsel. If you seem to have entangled your business in an impenetrable quagmire of digital marketing campaign, do not despair. The most illustrious cases of correct strategies leading to the top, inspiring success stories, the most up to date news of innovation, examples of the most elegant business decisions, and creative approaches to solving seemingly rigid problems are all here.

101diy.org is where you click to find out how to make, build, find or arrange things. It’s the one-stop destination for hard core do-it-yourselvers, regardless of country, language, age, sex or outlook on life. Post your proprietary way of racking bikes on the wall of your garage and start earning DRCs right now.

101startup.org. Whether starting a business for real or just figuring out if you have the chops or not, we’ve got you covered. From comprehensive “how-to”s to the latest in new business development around the world, the bases are loaded on 101startup.org. Post a story of your own success and start earning tokens with every comment, like or share.

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