Joylux Named One of the Top Three Most Innovative Companies by Angel Capital Association

Joylux to be honored at the Angel Capital Association's 2019 Summit as a top-three finalist for the prestigious Luis Villalobos Award

SEATTLE , WASHINGTON, USA, March 25, 2019 / — Seattle, WA — March 25, 2019. Joylux, a leading FemTech company using high-tech solutions to improve vaginal health for postpartum and menopausal women, has been named one of the top three most ingenious and innovative companies funded by Angel Capital Association (ACA) members, a membership of 14,000+ accredited angel investors. This year, ACA members nominated 50 companies. Joylux, along with two other companies, will be honored at the national ACA Summit in Chicago on April 25, and one of them will be announced as the final Luis Villalobos Award winner. Joylux, nominated by Seattle’s Alliance of Angels and backed by members of more than a dozen angel groups and funds, is the first female founded FemTech company to receive such honors by the ACA.

Joylux is tackling the taboo topic of women’s intimate health through its portfolio of patent-protected home-use solutions using innovative light and thermal energy under the vSculpt and vFit brands. Launched in 2018, Joylux’s products are sold in the US through 200+ physician offices, online through premium e-tailers such as GOOP, and in eight international markets through distributors. More than 50 percent of women will suffer from intimate health issues such as stress incontinence, vaginal dryness, and sexual function concerns at some point in their lives. Although these problems affect hundreds of millions of women and billions are spent globally every year on products to mask the problems, a lack of access to capital has stifled innovation in this market until now.

“I’m so thankful for our supportive group of angel investors, many of whom are women. Given the sensitive topic and the male-dominated funding world, raising capital is a challenge. We feel fortunate to have aligned ourselves with investors who not only see the enormous growth potential in women’s intimate health, but also want to provide life-changing solutions for women globally. To be a finalist for this prestigious award validates all the hard work our team has been doing,” says Colette Courtion, Joylux Founder and CEO. Among the angel groups supporting Joylux are Seattle Alliance of Angels, Houston Angel Network, BELLE Capital, Seavest, Portfolia, Sophia Fund, Keiretsu, and Golden Seeds.

“We funded Joylux first and foremost because of their experienced team—they have the vision, the sales and marketing expertise, and the grit needed to build a billion-dollar company in this massive, untapped market. Since our investment in 2016, we are impressed with their execution and strong traction. I’m thrilled they will be honored at the ACA conference this year,” says Barbara Boxer, Managing Director, BELLE Capital.

About Joylux, Inc.
Joylux, Inc. is a global women’s health company offering high-tech, life-chaning solutions for postpartum and menopausal women under the brands Joylux (R), vSculpt (R) and vFit (R). Learn more at Follow us @joyluxinc on Facebook. For press inquires, contact Heather Dazell at

Heather Dazell
Joylux Inc
+1 206-219-9526
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Why Automated Managed IT Services Plays a Fundamental Role in the Environmental Footprint, Productivity, and Cost


Regulation Compliance

Outsourced IT

Managed IT Services play a critical role in reducing environmental footprint, save on IT costs, and reduce the workload that is synonymous with the IT function.

The leadership and staff within this company is great. The customer service is top notch, they're extremely proactive, and very cost efficient.”

— Justin S.

TULSA, OKLAHOMA, UNITED STATES, March 25, 2019 / — Managed IT Services play a critical role in the business arena, enabling companies to reduce their environmental footprint, save money on IT costs, and reduce the workload that is synonymous with the IT function.

Regardless of the size of an organization, managed IT services provide an essential backbone of support to businesses that are undeniably dependent on effective IT solutions to support their website, internal and external customer support and financial systems.

The very nature of any IT function is dynamic and requires constant time and attention to keep systems secure and performant. Without this, transactions cannot take place, customers cannot be served, and the company staff is unable to be productive throughout their working day. Typically, IT resources in a business have to perform "battlefield triage" instead of addressing matters as they arise because there is not enough time and resources. Time is always an issue, regardless of the size or sector a business belongs to.

The Cloud-based managed services market report for 2019 is projected to grow exponentially in the next five years due to an increased demand for cloud services across the globe. With the increased functionality delivered from the integration of AI and Automation technologies, this is without question one of the best times to move your IT services to the cloud.

Quick resolutions to problems and effective IT processes don’t just impact upon a business ability to perform, remain productive, and service their customer's needs; it reduces their overall impact on the environment, helping businesses achieve a greener and more efficient IT management structure.

The practicalities of an IT Management Suite offers automation to some of the labor-intensive updates and installations that need to occur with an organization. It saves time and leaves staff and IT personnel free to get on with their daily tasks. If organizations have limited IT, resources or their teams are spread out across a larger geographical area, managed IT services helps to alleviate the pressure placed on teams and ensures essential updates occur when they need to, without disrupting their working schedule or equipment when they need it most.

As companies look to save money, reduce their environmental footprint, and maximize the effectiveness of their IT equipment and software, managed IT services offers an ideal solution to address all of these issues with a single change.

Finding out the cost to implement managed IT services in your business is quick and easy. Pricing is usually arranged on a per-user rate, and all packages can be tailored to meet the exact requirements of an organization.

About Us
Founded in 2005, Technology Solutions is a Tulsa-based managed IT services provider that delivers a suite of outsourced IT services to hundreds of clients internationally and throughout the U.S. As an all-encompassing IT services provider, and award-winning MSP, they offer bespoke managed IT solutions that cover all aspects of organizational IT requirements from sustainable data centers.

Security Management, SAAS, Website Design, Backup and Disaster Recovery, SEO, VOIP phone systems, Mobile Device Management, IT Compliance and more.

Need Outsourced Technical content writing?

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Technology Solutions
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AGT Launches Oncology Science Advisory Group to Accelerate Research For A Cancer Cure

ROCKVILLE, MD, UNITED STATES, March 25, 2019 / — American Gene Technologies (AGT), a leading gene and cell therapy biotech company based in Rockville, Md., has established an advisory group for the advancement of immunotherapies that activate gamma-delta (γδ) T cells to attack a variety of tumors including liver, prostate, and breast cancers. This is an initial step in AGT’s long-term immuno-oncology plan.

AGT established the Oncology Science Advisory Group (OSAG) to accelerate AGT’s cancer research program to produce a cure for liver, breast, and other epithelial cancers. The OSAG includes Dr. Miroslav Malkovsky of the University of Wisconsin, Dr. Jean Jacques Fournié of the University of Toulouse Cancer Center, Dr. Marc Bonneville of the Institute Mérieux, Dr. Julie Déchanet-Merville of Bordeaux University and Dr. Yoshimasa Tanaka of Nagasaki University. The group is tasked with reviewing the current status of vector development, in vitro studies and animal testing for gamma-delta (γδ) T cell cancer therapies. The OSAG will advise on critical path studies for AGT’s cancer treatments.

AGT’s OSAG will collaborate with longstanding AGT scientific advisors Dr. Robert Clarke and Dr. Dean Felsher. Dr. Clarke, Dean of Research, Associate Vice President of Georgetown University Medical Center, and Co-director of the Breast Cancer Program at Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, will examine AGT’s efficacy in breast cancer models. Dr. Dean Felsher, Professor of Medicine, Co-Director of the Cancer Nanotechnology Program, Department of Radiology, and Director of Translational Research and Applied Medicine at Stanford Medical School, will provide clinical and research expertise on hepatocellular carcinoma (liver cancer).

AGT’s preclinical animal studies are showing efficacy increasing the activity of gamma delta T-cells, resulting in significant therapeutic outcomes. AGT expects to progress towards an Investigational New Drug (IND) application filing with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for a 2020 Phase 1 study in epithelial cancer.

To learn more about AGT’s Gamma Delta T Cell Therapy for cancer, ImmunoTox™, click here. For more information on AGT’s liver cancer program, click here.

About American Gene Technologies (AGT)

AGT is an emerging gene and cell therapy company with a platform of proprietary tools and techniques capable of broad applications including: large and orphan indications, infectious disease, immuno-oncology, and monogenic disorders. AGT expects to take its patented candidate for an HIV Cure into the clinic in 2019. It has pioneered a novel immuno-oncology approach of stimulating gamma-delta (γδ) T cells to attack a variety of cancers. Five key patents in AGT’s novel immuno-oncology approach have already been granted. In addition, AGT has a diverse portfolio of patents and patent filings surrounding key tools and components in viral vectors, gene therapy, and regenerative medicine.

Website –
LinkedIn –
Twitter –
Facebook –
Instagram –

American Gene Technologies Contacts:

C. Neil Lyons, Chief Financial Officer
Phone: (301) 337-2269

Media Contact – Sasha Whitaker
American Gene Technologies
+1 301-337-2100
email us here

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MHPS AMERICAS Launches ORIDEN, A Renewable Energy Solutions Provider

…Our launch of Oriden allows us to also provide renewable solutions in the commercial & industrial distributed power segment.”

— Paul Browning

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA, USA, March 25, 2019 / — Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Americas, Inc. (MHPS) today announced the launch of Oriden, a renewable energy solutions provider.

Oriden – a play on the English word “origin” and the Japanese word “denki” (電気) meaning ‘electricity’ – is the start of a new type of power generation organization. Located in Pittsburgh, PA, the organization will be fully-backed by MHPS to pursue end-to-end offerings of renewable energy solutions, yet will operate independent of the larger company, enabling it the flexibility it needs to offer attractive solutions in this dynamic market segment.

Oriden can fulfill multiple roles within the renewable energy space, providing customized solutions based upon end-user needs — including development and permitting, construction, financing/ownership, and asset management. The team will initially focus on distributed renewable solutions, with an emphasis on solar PV and energy storage systems. This will include community solar, behind-the-meter commercial & industrial customers, and distribution level front-of-the-meter projects.

“Historically, MHPS has focused on providing industry-leading centralized power generation technologies as an original equipment manufacturer, and partnering with utilities, project developers and IPP’s in the centralized power segment. Our launch of Oriden allows us to also provide renewable solutions in the commercial & industrial distributed power segment,” said Paul Browning, President and CEO of MHPS Americas. “Our vision as a company is to offer a wider range of power and energy solutions to meet our customers’ constantly changing needs. Launching Oriden is one step toward our broader vision for a Change in Power.”

Oriden is a hardware and software agnostic entity and is currently working with a wide range of OEMs and vendors to offer the most attractive end-user solutions. The Oriden team is comprised of seasoned renewable energy developers, financiers, and operators. The team is led by industry veteran, Masahiro “Mas” Ogiso, who brings extensive experience heading renewable project development, corporate development, and M&A activities. “Our team is excited to develop and deliver new renewable energy solutions in the Americas. As a renewable energy start-up, we have a great opportunity to deliver innovative customer-focused solutions while enjoying the backing and stability of an entity with over a century’s worth of global power generation success.”

Sharon Prater
Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Americas, Inc.
+1 407-688-6200
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$IMTL Image Protect Insiders Currently Buying Stock In The Open Market

Image Protect, Inc. (OTCMKTS:IMTL)

MIAMI LAKES, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, March 25, 2019 / — Miami, FL – March 24, 2019 ( Newswire) –, an elite wall street independent small cap media group with a history of bringing lucrative opportunities, Updates on Image Protect, Inc. (OTC: IMTL).

Image Protect

Image Protect is a revolutionary technology platform for image rights management and protection, which seamlessly registers, manages, and monetizes digital content for the creative community. Using Artificial Intelligence, Image Protect streamlines image registration, management, protection and distribution, allowing content creators to benefit from new revenue models and faster payments.

Insiders Form 4s

Form 4 is a United States SEC filing that relates to insider trading. Every director, officer or owner of more than 10% of a class of equity securities registered under Section 12 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 must file with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission a statement of ownership regarding such security. The initial filing is on Form 3 and changes are reported on Form 4. The annual statement of beneficial ownership of securities is on Form 5. The forms contain information on the reporting person's relationship to the company and on purchases and sales of such equity securities.

Form 4 is stored in SEC's EDGAR database.

A Form 4 must be filed before the end of the second business day following a change in ownership of securities or derivative securities (including the exercise or grant of stock options) for individuals subject to Section 16 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

On March 20, 2019 the company released six form 4s filings, this is usually a good sign for shareholders. If insiders are buying the stock, it is a positive indicator. After all, who better to know the current business environment and the future prospects of the company than the insiders.

About is an elite wall street independent small cap media group with a history of bringing lucrative opportunities. We are well known for discovering undervalued companies and bringing them to the attention of the investment community.

All information contained herein as well as on the website is obtained from sources believed to be reliable but not guaranteed to be accurate or all-inclusive. All material is for informational purposes only, is only the opinion of and should not be construed as an offer or solicitation to buy or sell securities. The information may include certain forward-looking statements, which may be affected by unforeseen circumstances and/or certain risks. and its associates may have a position either long or short in any company mentioned herein. Please consult an investment professional before investing in anything viewed within this article or any other portion of

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Eduardo Perez
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A2P SMS Leadership Research and Rewards as decided by Enterprises and Mobile Operators

This is a once a year, research and strategic data sharing event on A2P SMS Messaging. With insights from MNOs and Enterprises.

"ROCCO's A2P SMS Leadership event will present some unique insights and then awards to the world's best vendors. The differentiator with other events is that the best vendors are chosen by clients".”



Since 2015 ROCCO has been conducting unique independent Vendor Performance survey on A2P SMS for Mobile Operators, asking them to rate their A2P SMS vendors on around 30 specific KPIs. This benchmarking exercise has become an important support for MNOs through the years in ensuring the monetisation of their A2P SMS business. This year is no different, except this year we’re also requesting the Enterprises to rate their vendors in their own specially designed survey.

A2P SMS Messaging Vendor Performance 2019 (MNO Survey):
A2P SMS Messaging Vendor Performance 2019 (Enterprise Survey):

Every Enterprise or MNO who takes part receives the Executive Summary report for the survey they conduct. Respondees to the surveys will see unique insights about A2P SMS as well as the top ranking vendors.The research closes in May 2019.


ROCCO is also delivering unique Strategy Events where it shares unique insights from its reports and research analysts, engaging delegates to consider their strategic direction. On May 29th 2019 there is a once a year, one day review of ROCCO’s latest strategic data on A2P SMS Messaging. With insights from MNOs and Enterprises.

ROCCO will present insights from its two latest reports on A2P SMS Vendor Performance during the event and announce in an awards ceremony the Tier 1 leaders in A2P SMS for the two categories: Ratings by MNOs and Ratings by Enterprises.

Delegates will leave the sessions with:

ROCCO’s latest insights into A2P SMS which have been used by many companies to develop their A2P SMS strategy.
Insights from Enterprises
Insights from MNOs
Insights on Monetisation and Fraud Prevention solutions
The names of the Tier 1 A2P SMS Aggregators for 2019 as rated by MNOs and Enterprises
An opportunity to meet and network with MNOs, Enterprises and Vendors who are part of the A2P SMS ecosystem
With its maximum attendance of 35 delegates, attendees can expect to hear and share insights and engage with other delegates in relevant strategic discussion.

Our Approach with this event

This event is in English and suitable for: Business Professionals interested in A2P SMS, Messaging Managers, Directors, MNOs and MVNO Strategists, B2B Vendors of services to MNOs in this sector, New senior team members, C-Level teams. People who are making it, not who’ve made it.
Quality over quantity: There will be a limited attendance of 35 delegates in the meeting.
The event is not sponsored by anyone: The tone of the event is learning, testing ideas about the industry. No vendor has sponsored any part of the event and no speaker has paid to speak at this event.
Diversity of thought and opinion: While we have industry veterans with 20+ years in telecoms, we also encourage younger talent, sometimes on the edge of the industry to provide additional insights.
We will embrace industry tensions: We will provide passionate and interesting speakers who foster debate and honesty and we will talk factual information.
Ambiance: We will provide comfortable non corporate environments and inspiring locations suitable for stimulating thought and discussion.
Presenters: Presented by Jason Bryan, James Williams and soon to be confirmed other speakers.
The Financials

Delegates pay £1,570.00 for the day.
Purchasing the event pass before the 27th March provides a 25% discount.
Refund Policy: Cancellation of attendance after purchase up to 45 days before the event provides a 50% refund and up to 30 days a 25% refund policy. Delegates names can be swapped for others at any time.
Ask us for a quotation, an Invoice, link for credit card payment, by contacting us at
UK Companies shall pay VAT applicable as in the UK
What’s Included

Included: Event Documentation, Refreshments (Lunch, snacks and drinks) and a 15% discount on ROCCO Reports and Training Events.
What’s not included: Flights, Accommodation, Transfers, ROCCO Reports.

Event Venue

The event will be held at The Churchill War Rooms.

Discover the secrets hidden beneath the streets of Westminster in the underground nerve centre where Winston Churchill and his inner circle directed the Second World War.

History was made in the Churchill War Rooms – an underground bunker that allowed Britain’s leaders to plot the allied route to victory during the Second World War. Walk the labyrinth of rooms and corridors that stretch below Westminster that sheltered Winston Churchill and his war cabinet from the bombing raids.

As seen in the recent film The Darkest Hour and the Netflix series The Crown.


ROCCO will publish its Reports for MNO Opinion: A2P SMS Messaging Vendor Performance 2019 – Strategic Analysis and Enterprise Opinion: A2P SMS Messaging Vendor Performance 2019 – Strategic Analysis on the 30th May 2019. Delegates will receive a 15% discount on the reports for attending the event.

The Speakers

Jason Bryan CEO ROCCO Research

Jason is Senior Consultant, Analyst and CEO of ROCCO Research. Since 2012, he has overseen in-depth research on Industry Analysis, Vendor Performance, Market Intelligence and Market Pricing in the Roaming and Interconnect space. Jason built ROCCO based on his 24 years experience of Roaming and Interconnect roles in Vodafone, Telefonica Groups and a number of Vendors, as well as GSMA Chairmanship roles.

James Williams “Mr Connectivity”

James Williams has in-depth experience in Business Development, Account Management and Business Operations Support. His experience has been gained through working hands-on across the globe for over 20 years with a wide variety of clients in the Telecommunications and Mobile Content sectors. His expertise lies in finding the hidden value in areas many companies neglect.

Further speakers to be confirmed.

+44 7730 047777
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Mente Group's Biz Jet Global Reach Extends Coast to Coast, to Europe and Beyond

With Offices in Dallas, Boston, Chicago, Denver, New York,
Portland, San Francisco, Scottsdale & Europe

We are now more than purely transactions specific, to include talent management, asset management, technical services, strategy, and program management.”

— Brian Proctor, Mente Group

DALLAS, TEXAS, USA, March 25, 2019 / — Mente Group's recent expansions have extended the reach of the business jet consultancy beyond North America. It now has consultants and offices established in Dallas, Boston, Chicago, Denver, New York, Portland, San Francisco, Scottsdale, and Europe.

With its headquarters established in Dallas in 2009, and a number of consulting specialists based there, Mente Group has since expanded to both coasts, and to Eastern Europe through a strategic consulting alliance with a distinguished aircraft management company based in Germany, Hungary, Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine.

Beyond Business Jet Transactions
"Strategically, we have broadened our consulting reach beyond simply business jet transactions to encompass a comprehensive array of aviation specialties and that means finding the industry's best experts across the country and the world," said Brian Proctor, president and CEO. "We are now more than purely transactions specific, to include talent management, asset management, technical services, strategy, and program management."

Mente's east coast managing director is in Boston, asset management expertise is in Chicago, aircraft completions and program management leadership is in Denver, its transactions head is in New York, west coast leader is in Portland, talent management expert is in San Francisco, and managing director of the central U.S. is in Scottsdale. Its president and CEO are located in Dallas, as is asset management leadership, technical services, financial management, marketing, market research, business analytics, and its chief strategy and development officer.

Full-Service Aircraft Consulting
Mente Group is a full-service aircraft consultancy. It serves large corporations, growth companies and private individuals worldwide. Its advisors have handled more than $10.5 billion in aircraft transactions and performed more than 500 business jet consultations. The company also offers completion management services to include interior outfitting oversight and new business aircraft delivery. For more info see

Mente Group partners with many of the world's largest corporations, prominent entrepreneurs, growth companies, and private individuals, including Andor Capital, Bank of Texas, BNSF Railway, Capital One, Delhaize Group, Entergy, Food Lion, JPMorgan Chase, LG, MassMutual Financial Group, Medical Properties Trust, MetLife, Northpark Management, Inc., Quexco, Inc., Raytheon, Sprint, Stanley Black & Decker, Summit Alliance, and Williams-Sonoma. It is a member of the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA).

Media Contact:
for Mente Group

Jim Gregory
James Gregory Consultancy llc
+1 316-558-8578
email us here
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Premier National Law Firm Grows New York Office with Top Litigator

The Wagner Law Group, widely recognized as the country’s top ERISA & employee benefits law firm, announces that Jordan Mamorsky has joined the firm.

Adding an experienced litigator like Jordan to our New York office, will allow us to continue to be at the forefront of ERISA litigation. We are excited to welcome him.”

— Marcia Wagner

BOSTON, MA, USA, March 25, 2019 / — Premier National Law Firm Grows New York Office with Top Litigator

Boston, MA, March 25, 2019 – Marcia Wagner, the Managing Director of The Wagner Law Group, widely recognized as the country’s top ERISA and employee benefits law firm, is pleased to announce that attorney Jordan D. Mamorsky has joined the firm as an Associate. “Adding an experienced litigator like Jordan to our New York office, will allow us to continue to be at the forefront of ERISA litigation. We are excited to welcome him,” says Ms. Wagner.

Mr. Mamorsky has significant litigation experience in well-publicized cases involving ERISA fiduciary duty and prohibited transaction matters. He has represented institutional clients in high stakes securities class actions and was part of the litigation team that secured a $275 million settlement with Bear Stearns Companies, and a $19.9 million settlement with Deloitte & Touche LLP in In re Bear Stearns Companies, Inc. securities litigation. Amongst Mr. Mamorsky’s most recent case outcomes was a $34.5 million recovery for investors in Patel v. L-3 Communications Holdings, Inc., a settlement that was more than eight times higher than the average settlement of cases with comparable investor losses.

Mr. Mamorsky’s unique litigation experience also includes public service as a Deputy Attorney General for the State of New Jersey, where he prosecuted white collar crimes, including medicaid fraud, insurance fraud money laundering and racketeering. He completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship in Corporate Governance and Business Ethics at Yale University where he also co-authored the book “End of Ethics and a Way Back: How to Fix a Fundamentally Broken Financial System.” Mr. Mamorsky has served as a guest columnist for publications including the Morningstar Advisor.

Mr. Mamorsky received his Juris Doctor from New York Law School and a Bachelor of Science from Vanderbilt University. He is admitted to practice law in New York and New Jersey.

The Wagner Law Group:

The Wagner Law Group has been dedicated to the highest standards of integrity, excellence and thought leadership for over two decades and is considered to be the nation’s premier ERISA and employee benefits law firm. With 36 attorneys in nine offices, it provides unparalleled legal advice to its clients, including large, small and nonprofit corporations as well as individuals and government entities nationwide and in several foreign countries. The firm’s attorneys combine many years of experience in their fields of practice and include those who are AV rated by Martindale-Hubbell and have been named to the prestigious Super Lawyers list for 2018. The Wagner Law Group is nationally ranked as a Tier 1 Best Law Firm by the U.S. News & World Report and is certified as a woman-owned and operated business by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council

Ari Sonneberg
The Wagner Law Group
email us here
+1 617-357-5200
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The Radicati Group Releases “Information Archiving Market, 2019-2023”

Information Archiving solutions continue to see strong adoption across all verticals.

Information Archiving continues to see strong growth in all regions and across all verticals”

— Sara Radicati

PALO ALTO, CA, US, March 25, 2019 / —
Information Archiving solutions continue to see strong adoption across all verticals.

For Immediate Release

The Radicati Group, Inc.
(650) 322-8059

Palo Alto, CA – March 25, 2019 – The Radicati Group’s latest study, “Information Archiving Market, 2019-2023” provides an in depth analysis of the Information Archiving market. Information archiving solutions provide interactive, secure long-term storage of electronic business content, including: email, instant messages, social media, file systems, voice, and a broad range of other structured and unstructured information. These solutions are delivered as on-premises products, appliances, or as cloud services. The study provides extensive data regarding installed base market share by vendor, revenue market share by vendor, four-year forecasts, adoption by region and business size, as well as installed base and revenue forecasts for on-premises and cloud-based Information Archiving solutions.

The study also includes a detailed analysis of key vendors, including: Barracuda Networks, Google, Jatheon, Micro Focus, Microsoft, Mimecast, OpenText, Proofpoint, Smarsh, and Veritas Technologies.

According to the study, the worldwide Information Archiving market will grow from $5.5 billion in revenues by year-end 2019, to over $8.8 billion by year-end 2023.

To order a copy of the study, or for additional information about our research, please visit our web site at or contact us at 650-322-8059.

About The Radicati Group, Inc.

The Radicati Group covers all aspects of email, security, information archiving, regulatory compliance, wireless technologies, web services, social networking, instant messaging, unified communications, and more. The company provides both quantitative and qualitative information, including detailed market size, installed base and forecast information on a worldwide basis, as well as detailed country breakouts.

The Radicati Group advises corporate organizations to assist them in selecting the right products to fit their business needs, and also works with vendors to define the best strategic direction for their products. The Radicati Group also works with investment firms on a worldwide basis to identify and assess new investment opportunities.

The Radicati Group, Inc
+1 650-322-8059
email us here

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Fotis Georgiadis Helped David Xing, CEO of PLOTT, With Branding After Receiving the Best of Innovation Award at CES 2019

David Xing, CEO of PLOTT

David Xing, CEO of PLOTT

Lawrence "LG" Greaves, CEO of OPKIX

Lawrence “LG” Greaves, CEO of OPKIX

Cubit by PLOTT

Cubit by PLOTT

Taking the boost of CES 2019 award win exposure to the next level with Fotis Georgiadis

Focus on what won’t change.

Technology and innovation changes constantly, core problems do not. Focus on what won’t change first, then find the best available solution based on the tools available.”

— David Xing, CEO of PLOTT

GREENWICH, CT, USA, March 25, 2019 / — Fotis Georgiadis, owner of the blog by his namesake, is a branding and image consultant specialist with a robust background and is a visionary interviewer. With a knack for pulling out a well rounded interview, not only covering cutting edge technologies and corporate directions, but also bringing out the personal side of the interviewee.

Many companies fail to follow up after receiving an award. As a result, they miss out on the extensive benefit of marketing the award on their own in addition to the 'free' marketing provided by the presenters.

Lets look at PLOTT, a company that just received the CES 2019 award for Best of Innovation AR/VR, a single award given to the company the judges deem the best in category. Instead of just letting the CES exposure 'carry their weight', David Xing took to task, and was interviewed by Fotis Georgiadis.

By combining the exposure from CES's prestigious award win along with their own, it becomes a multiple, not just another avenue. The multiple articles talking about CES and PLOTT reinforce each other in the search engines, resulting in better placement and more eyes seeing the company. Isn't that the goal of marketing? More warm bodies reading up on your company/product, build up sales and more.

Another company that Fotis Georgiadis interviewed, OPKIX, also realized that there is more to marketing than just setting up a website, or posting a couple of messages on a board somewhere. Here is an excerpt from the interview with OPKIX CEO, Lawrence “LG” Greaves, that specifically talks about their marketing strategy:

“What have you been doing to publicize this idea? Have you been using any innovative marketing strategies?

We work alongside a world-class PR firm who continues to go above and beyond as our brand storyteller and marketplace conduit. We have the support of our investors who have built various billion-dollar companies responsible for numerous everyday innovations. We have also built out a team of 64 global ambassadors who are creators in their own right, lending their stories to our brand. The need for what we created was palpable, but we needed to design and commercialize it to make individuals realize what they had been missing in the marketplace before our launch. Our marketing is organic. We’re putting our products in the hands of talented individuals and accelerating the virality of awesome, original and authentic content to re-inspire a generation and breathe life into our cultural perspective on social media.” – You can read the full article here.

Circling back to PLOTT and David Xing's marketing decision, we see it ramped up right after the 2019 CES award win. It is going so well, that David Xing not only thanked Fotis Georgiadis privately, but posted it on his Linkedin page: Again, another example of multiple marketing avenues.

Additionally, knowing that you can't do it all yourself if a big step in the right direction as can be seen in the interview below.

Taken from the interview by Fotis Georgiadis with David Xing:

“What are your “5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Started” and why. (Please share a story or example for each.)

Prioritize. Obvious — until you’re faced with a list of things which ALL are vital.

Which leads to the next one: You will end up making wrong choices. For me, a lot of them. And that’s ok. Learn as much as you can from it, move on. Physical bruises heal, make sure your mental ones do too.

Support systems, emphasize is on the plural. I have two support systems, first one is advisors and mentors who challenges me, and we talk problems out. The other system consists of people who can tell you everything will be ok. You will need both.

There will be times where it feels like the world is ending, until it doesn’t. Remind yourself why you started. Ask yourself is it worth it, and it’s ok if the answer is no. Only move forward if the answer is an honest yes.

Enjoy the wins, they don’t always happen. Soak it in, remember those moments. Dig them up from your memory when you need it and use it to carry you through to the next one.”

Fotis Georgiadis plays a key role in building the brand and image of PLOTT. David Xing realized early on that 'building the buzz' alongside branding and image creation were critical if his company and product were going to make it.

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About Fotis Georgiadis
Fotis Georgiadis is the founder of DigitalDayLab. Fotis Georgiadis is a serial entrepreneur with offices in both Malibu and New York City. He has expertise in marketing, branding and mergers & acquisitions. Fotis Georgiadis is also an accomplished VC who has successfully concluded five exits. Fotis Georgiadis is also a contributor to Authority Magazine, Thrive Global & several others


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Interview at CES 2019 with PLOTT’s Matt Cultrera by PLuGHiTzLive Scott Ertz

Source: EIN Presswire