Announcing the launch of the Acies Ventures – Revolutio program for entrepreneurs and startups

Launch of a unique program aimed at supporting entrepreneurs/ startups having unique business ideas but face technology, capital and management constraints.

MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, April 18, 2021 / — Acies Ventures has announced the launch of a unique program aimed at supporting entrepreneurs and startups having unique and disruptive business ideas, products and services, but face technology, capital and management constraints. Through the Acies Ventures-Revolutio program, any individual, group or even existing startups can use this program to build or enhance their applications without the hassle of coding, powered by the Revolutio no-code platform developed by Acies TechWorks. They can also get access to capital for funding their business growth through the help of Acies Ventures and also, obtain professional guidance and hand-holding support from the Acies Consulting leaders. Acies Consulting leaders will support them in a variety of ways – ranging from setting up their enterprise, scaling operations by hiring executive management and other professionals, structuring market-entry and business development strategies for positioning their product or service into different marketplaces.

Rahul Murthi, Global Head of Acies Ventures adds, “We are excited to work with new entrepreneurs and startups through this program as we have seen a lot of bright ideas and promising startups failing to succeed often due to challenges in technology development, hiring the right people, partnering with the right investors, timing their entry in marketplaces or even sustaining their revenue streams generated by their products or services…”

He adds, "Over the past year, from our conversations with various budding entrepreneurs and startups, we realized that the common ask is to help them build the right technology stack with less dependency on outsourced technology experts – which is precisely what Revolutio will achieve for them"
Revolutio is a unified no code platform architected to develop applications for the enterprise and for enabling complex compute operations. The platform allows anyone with or without coding experience to build their enterprise-ready applications – covering architecting, data management, process automation, modelling, reporting, visualization and project management capabilities.

Adds Muzammil Patel, Head of Strategy at Acies – "Revolutio bridges the gap for a lot of individuals and businesses that know what is required for the technology-enabled product or service to serve the key need of the marketplace, but never see it become a reality due to lack of technology or coding know-how. With this program, entrepreneurs and startups get access to using this platform to build their application their way"
Access to this program is open to anyone around the globe – interested individuals or startups may send their application by filling the details in the form available here.

About Acies Ventures
Acies Ventures, a division of Acies, focuses on supporting the growth of new-age companies and laser-focused entrepreneurs through equity or debt investments and strategic partnerships, that look to use technology as a means to bring in positive change at the market infrastructure or be a mutualized source for driving efficiency in the industry.

About Acies
Acies is a multi-national firm comprising businesses that focus on providing advisory and implementation services, technology applications and platforms, content and learning and development solutions, and strategic investments.

Acies’ vision is to provide practical and tangible outcomes to support institutions and industries through businesses rooted on using next-generation technologies and tools to innovate, implement, skill and scale businesses to support growth and sustainability.
The firm is headquartered in India and has global offices and entities based in APAC (Singapore and Malaysia), Middle East and Africa (Mauritius) and the Americas (USA) respectively.

To know more about Acies, visit or our LinkedIn Company page.

Acies Corporate Communications
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Vibe Announces 420 "Community Vibe" Event

Vibe Logo

Community Vibe

Vibe by California Announces “Community Vibe” Event in Preparation for the Biggest Holiday in Cannabis Culture: 4/20

Vibe Growth Corporation (OTCMKTS:VBSCF)

We are continuously looking for ways to create an engaging connection between our cannabis brands and the consumer”

— Ryan Martinez

SACRAMENTO, CA, USA, April 17, 2021 / — Vibe Growth Corporation (CSE: VIBE) (OTC Pink: VBSCF) (FSE: A061) (the “Company” or “Vibe”), a vertically integrated multi-state cannabis enterprise, has announced a community event in preparation for the nationally recognized celebration of cannabis culture, April 20th (or 4/20). Boasting the participation of 14 different industry leaders, the event celebrates California’s cannabis culture by showcasing some of the most iconic California brands, including Hype Cannabis Co., and up-and-coming artists and industry influencers.

The “Community Vibe” event, will be hosted today, April 17th at 8112 Alpine Ave in Sacramento, California. The outdoor event will highlight local California cannabis brands and entrepreneurs, acknowledging the people behind the cannabis companies and the core message of the brands.

“We are continuously looking for ways to create an engaging connection between our cannabis brands and the consumer,” says Ryan Martinez of Vibe. “By providing a platform for cannabis brands to share their voice, tell their story, and engage the community in a meaningful way, we generate demand for the products we showcase and bring people in the community together. Our Community Vibe initiative is an opportunity for our cultivators, producers, distributors, and consumers to engage. We are a community-driven company, and this event is a way to celebrate all of the people involved while furthering our brand recognition.”

With live glass blowing demonstrations, music, food, and vendor booths with brand representatives, the event launches Vibe’s “4 days of 420” sale with discounts on all major brands, including the ones being showcased at the event.

The partnering companies include Hype Cannabis Co., Friendly Farms, Seven Leaves, Simply Cannabis, West Coast Treez, Puff Prerolls, LBS Distribution, Uncle Arnies, and Nectr, along with glass artist Matt Condliff and two local DJ’s. Food and beverage will be provided and our socially responsible event will certainly bring good “vibes” to the local community.

About Vibe Growth Corporation

Vibe Growth Corporation and its cannabis retail brand, Vibe By California, is a trusted, vertically integrated California cannabis enterprise with retail dispensaries; cannabis greenhouse cultivation; premium indoor cultivation; commercial cannabis distribution; brand sales and marketing; e-commerce platform; home delivery; and Hype Cannabis Co. marijuana and Vibe CBD products. In California, Vibe is focused on maximizing shareholder value through accelerating organic growth, opportunistic acquisitions, distressed workouts, and new license applications. The Company operates retail and e-commerce under its iconic Vibe By California brand.

To learn more about Vibe, please visit

Michal Holub, CFO
Vibe Growth Corporation
+1 833-420-8423
email us here

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The world's first Artificial Intelligence generated music and video content to enter the NFT market

idkwtd Album Cover

Aimy Moon

Introducing musician Ha Yeon’s digital single, produced by virtual AI composer Aimy Moon released through the global NFT marketplace Mintable.

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA & US, April 17, 2021 / — The record label company A.I.M (Arts in Mankind) has released a new digital single with artist Ha Yeon. The new single, “idkwtd” (I don’t know what to do) was released this month and is the world’s first artificially produced music creation. Parent company of A.I.M, Enterarts has announced it will release an album with similar music on the global NFT marketplace Mintable.

A.I.M has encapsulated the use of AI-based technology and software to deliver one of the world’s first digitally created composer’s Aimy Moon. Aimy Moon utilizes deep learning and neural networks through advanced technology to create and compose a variety of music content. The recent addition of “idkwtd” has sparked the record label to release an entire album via the popular and global NFT marketplace, Mintable.

The advancements Enterarts and A.I.M have achieved with Aimy Moon reveals the usability and more so, capabilities of artificial intelligence. Progress on the latest music production software has made it possible to apply a host of different scape. These AI-based software programs can produce and edit video content based on the sound source. Ha Yeon, the artist who supplied her sensible vocals has now grown a massive fan base since the release of her AI single, “Eyes on you” in October 2020. Additionally, Ha Yeon has been actively involved in the directing for her music video “Walk Away” which she is set to release later this year.

Thousands of global artists have started using NFT marketplaces such as Mintable as a way to release a wide variety of digital art, music, and other content. The release of “idkwtd” is a first of a kind, as it will be the first time that an AI-composed song and music video are sold through the global NFT market."Entering the world's first AI music & music video content, NFT market is the first step in the change of the social producing ecosystem and support the entry of public customers and artists into the world of NFT and metaverse” said Park Chan-jae, CEO of Enterarts.

NFT or “Non Fungible Token” is the most recent addition to a string of blockchain encryption technology. This new digital asset allows users to have unique identification information, additionally giving them access to a wide selection of digital art, music, books, and videos. There has been ongoing support for the release of more AI-based music, as thousands of similar music from the K-Pop genre have already been released via popular social media platforms. The generous support and fan base which Aimy Moon has received has made it possible for record labels such as A.I.M to push the progressive research and development of artificial music production.

Both Enterarts and A.I.M are looking to create music that will have a deep and meaningful impact on humanity. More so, the company is looking to create a digital platform whereby creative artists can utilize the power of AI-based technology and software to advance the industry, but create and publish meaningful digital video works.

More about A.I.M a subsidiary of Enterarts
Founded in 2018, Arts in Mankind or A.I.M is the world’s first-ever artificial intelligence record label. The record label is operated by Enterarts, a cutting-edge and leading entertainment label in the music and technology industry. A.I.M has been involved in the creation of multiple projects, utilizing AI-based technology and software to create music, video, and other forms of online content.

Since their founding, A.I.M has created an ecosystem that allows artists and technology to come together. In doing so, the label has been able to artificially create Aimy Moon, an artificial intelligent songwriter and music producer. Aimy Moon is the world’s first and only virtual artist that is equipped with automatic music generation technology. Aimy and A.I.M have been able to write and produce music for various K-Pop record labels, especially those in the market of artificial intelligence.


Chanjae Park
+82 10-5096-4262
email us here

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Dillon Beard Joins Clearsulting as R2R Practice Lead

Dillon Beard has joined Clearsulting as Record to Report Practice Lead.

Director Brings Combined Industry and Big Four Experience to New Role

I approach each project from Day 1 with a mindset that is focused on the client’s sustainable experience.”

— Dillon Beard, Record to Report Practice Lead

CLEVELAND, OH, UNITED STATES, April 16, 2021 / — Dillon Beard has joined Clearsulting as the Record to Report Practice Lead within the firm’s Management Consulting practice. Beard comes most recently from KPMG and brings a decade of record to report experience to the firm.

Beard began his career in industry working for a small, innovative manufacturing firm and a growth-focused, Fortune 500 automotive firm before joining KPMG. At KPMG, he quickly advanced and refined his management consulting and client relationship skills. He feels that this combined process and technical experience in both industry and consulting gives him a unique perspective. “I’m able to appreciate and plan for the challenges clients often experience after the consultant leaves,” explains Beard. “I know that it’s important to anticipate the challenges of scaling a solution in a rapidly growing business environment, so I approach each project from Day 1 with a mindset that is focused on the client’s sustainable experience.”

Beard is equally passionate about mentorship and says he looks forward to the relationships role associated with being the Record to Report Practice Lead both with clients and internally. He says, “I’m already so invested in our team members. I want to make sure that they’re getting what they need to grow and to be successful.”

Clearsulting’s Head of Management Consulting, John Tilow, is excited for the leadership skills, energy, and client focus that Beard brings to the firm. Tilow says, “Dillon understands that relationships do not expire at the end of a project. He is committed to forging partnerships that lead clients to long-term success.”


About Clearsulting: Clearsulting is a management consulting firm specializing in Finance Effectiveness, Enterprise Performance Management, Treasury Management, Risk Advisory, and Technology Services. Every day, we help our clients implement practical solutions to their most complex business problems, from strategy through execution. Our core values and streamlined business model allow us to deliver world-class talent at an unbeatable value. Our clients like working with us because we are different. We combine the industry-proven methodologies used by large firms with the speed and innovation only a startup can provide. The result: a uniquely valuable experience for our clients, colleagues, and communities.

Communications Team
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The co-owner of the Dome Group in UK, under Investigation

Dome Group

Financial entity Dome Group in the UK, whose owners have interests in banks and financial institutions across Europe is under investigation in the Netherlands.

Links to the United Kingdom are less conspicuous with the investment of record being a financial institution in London which is in partnership with another large Turkish conglomerate.”

— Russell Welsh

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, April 16, 2021 / — A major Turkish financial entity "Dome Group" in the UK, whose owners have interests in banks and financial institutions across Europe and Russia is understood to be under investigation in the Netherlands.

During investigation it has been already revealed that one of the owners of Dome Group, was involved in misappropriation of funds by routing public deposit money from the bank to his companies through loans being given to corporate entities.

The case involves loans amounting to more than $200 million dollars which was diverted for personal projects in order to hide that it was using own bank, which is against Central bank regulations. The court proceedings have been filed in the Netherlands where the group bases its non-Turkish operations.

Russell Welsh, Ex Division Director Legal of the Credit Europe Bank N.V., has brought forth the matter as he was aware of the transactions.

"Links to the United Kingdom are less conspicuous with the investment of record being a financial institution in London which is in partnership with another large Turkish conglomerate. For the safety of public investors and national security its high time to keep the financial institutions accountable for their actions in the past and present."

Dome group haven’t given their comments yet.

About Dome group:
DOME Group is an independent Corporate Finance and M&A advisory firm based in London and Istanbul, serving as a financial nexus between regions.
The more detailed information about Dome Group is available at

Russell Welsh
Russell Welsh Project Management Pty Ltd.
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Disruptive HSA Gaining Traction in the Market

Lane Health offers breakthrough HSA solution. Employers gain key recruitment/retention benefits and save on costs.


There is an HSA solution disrupting the industry and I think your readers will be interested. The company that introduced this HSA solution is led by former Mercer executives Tom Elliott and Sharon Cunninghis and Scott Beck formerly from MetLife. I will connect you directly to these people for an interview if you would like.

Lane Health offers breakthrough HSA solution. Employers gain key recruitment/retention benefits and save on costs. Lane Health, a company comprised of healthcare, benefits and finance leaders, launched a new Health Savings Account (HSA) solution that is disrupting the market. Unlike other HSAs, Lane Health’s solution provides real-time access to money people need for their healthcare with little-to-no contributions and at zero risk to employers.

“Lane Health’s innovative HSA makes high deductible health plans less scary, allowing them to work for more people – not just the few who can afford to contribute and save,” said co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Brad Gambill. “Employers need to offer viable healthcare benefits to employees while controlling costs. Employees want more affordable healthcare. Our exclusive solution is a win-win all the way around.”

Unlike others, Lane Health’s HSA provides a line of credit for employees whether or not they contribute to their HSA. “There is zero risk to employers,” said Scott Beck, Lane Health’s Chief Revenue Officer. “We provide inclusive, on-demand access to a line of credit within the HSA with no credit checks. Employees then have predictable payments through pre-tax payroll deductions. And employees and employers both benefit from tax savings.”

According to a 2019 Survey from GoBankingRates, the average family high deductible healthcare plan is $4,800 while 69% of Americans have savings of less than $1,000. This $3,800 gap can mean that healthcare needs go unmet, or worse, people plummet into situations that take them off the job and impact their lives. The Lane Health HSA mitigates the gap by helping make funds available to employees for healthcare when needed. Even when employees don’t contribute to the HSA, they can access funds and take up to 12 months to pay the funds back, pre-tax, saving taxes.

“Finally, in a space where there’s been virtually no innovation, this is a breakthrough HSA and it’s catching on,” said Sharon Cunninghis, Chief Development Officer. “Our highly flexible implementation approach allows this benefit to plug right into existing employer processes and systems. Plus, we deploy a proactive, guided approach to engaging employees at every teachable moment. Employees who choose a qualified plan can be automatically enrolled in our HSA, so no one is left behind.”

For more information on the Lane Health HSA solution, see or contact us at


Lane Health offers the disruptive HSA spending account helping employees with High Deductible Health care plans (HDHP) pay their medical bills. The BeWell card with Advance HSA helps employers confidently shift more employees to HDHP health plans, reducing both healthcare premiums and healthcare costs. Employees can access an advance for medical bills any time. Lane Health is lead by Tom Elliott (former President of Health and Benefits at Mercer), Sharon Cunninghis (former U.S. Health Leader at Mercer), Scott Beck (former Global Leader of Broker Relationships at MetLife) Dion Rumsey (former Account Executive at MetLife), Brad Gambill (former Chief Strategy Officer at LG Electronics), Linda Verba (former Head of Service Strategy at TD Bank), Justine Mitsock (Head of U.S. Total Rewards and HR Operations at Chanel), and Crystal Peel (former Client Solutions Manager at Alegeus). Lane Health is located at 1617 John F Kennedy Blvd. #2037 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. For more information, visit or contact Sharon Cunninghis, Chief Development Officer, at (203) 903-4726 or

Anna Flairty for Lane Health
(402) 319-6336

Anna Flairty
Lane Health
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Crypto Asset Rating's crowdfunding campaign is getting overwhelmed response on Fundopolis

Crypto Asset Rating’s crowdfunding campaign swamped on Fundopolis

Invest In Fintech!

Opportunity to Invest in Fintech Startup

Crypto Asset Rating announced its crowdfunding campaign has been swamped on Fundopolis. The campaign was a huge accomplishment and has crowdsourced over $80,000

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, April 16, 2021 / — Crypto Asset rating has raised more than $80,000 in convertible note.

Crypto Asset Rating Inc (CAR INC), a US-based Fintech Company, announced its crowdfunding campaign has been swamped on Fundopolis. The crowdfunding campaign was a huge accomplishment and now has crowdsourced more than $80,000.
Crypto Asset Rating plans to use these funds for working capital, Marketing purposes, and Development of various products like Tokenization Asset Platform, Rating platform, Training platform.
Those interested in investing in Crypto Asset Rating Inc can visit : Invest Now

The terms for the Investment are

Key attributes for Investment
Minimum Investment : $100.00
Maximum Investment : $50,000
Offering Type : Convertible Note
Maturity Date : 2 years
Discount Rate : 20%
Annual Interest : 7%

"We are overwhelmed and overjoyed with the response from the investors," said Pramod Attarde, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Crypto Asset Rating, Inc. "Investors are eager and have enormous interest to invest in crypto assets due to its potentially disruptive nature. With our innovative products like Crypto Assets Rating Platform (CARP) and Tokenization asset platform (TAP), we are on the right path to creating a significant difference in the digital economy by transforming global capital markets."

Businesses can Issue legally compliant digital securities to raise funds using Common equity, Preferred stocks, Bonds, Real Estate, Funds on Tokenization Asset Platform using various regulations plans. The issuer will have many features like CAP table management, voting, and dividends, etc., on the Tokenization Asset platform. Crypto Asset Rating Platform, an independent structured rating platform to offer a risk analysis of the underlying businesses and assets, will help investors make the best possible decision. To Educate the fintech community on various types of crypto assets, the Fintech Training platform will deliver Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and learning platforms.

With innovative products and massive demand for the Crypto Asset Rating Platform (CARP) and Tokenization Asset Platform (TAP), CAR Inc is certain that it will be immensely successful. In addition to the product development, the funds will be used for the legal fees, filing patents, operations, payroll, and office expenses, general offering expenses, and marketing of the raise.

The crypto industry has revolutionized and created huge opportunities for investors through financial inclusion and participation of the masses. A whole new world is being born out of the reinvention of the financial systems built on unprecedented technological advances. Crypto Asset Rating Inc is already in play to reap the benefits for its investors.

About Crypto Asset Rating Inc
Crypto Asset Rating Inc is a USA-based FinTech company driven to plug the gaps in the crypto market and bridge the governance institutions with the existing and new thought leaders of the crypto industry.

Crypto Asset Rating Inc, An Independent Structured Rating Agency believes in solving the FinTech Industry key challenges. Crypto Asset Rating Platform (CARP) comprehensively rates crypto assets for Institutional and Retail Clients. The Company developed a custom rating algorithm to conduct an exhaustive multi-layered evaluation covering four distinct risk buckets—business, financial, legal, and technology.

Crypto Asset Rating Inc’s product network includes one of the transcendent and innovative products in the crypto industry – Tokenization Asset Platform (TAP) is a Software as a Service (SaaS) tokenization platform that offers the process of creating, issuing, managing, and converting an asset to digital securities. TAP does this by leveraging tokenization technology to fractionalize ownership of Equities, Bonds, Shares, and Commercial/Residential Real Estate. Issuers and private investors have early liquidity options through the issuance and tradability of asset-backed digital securities on the Tokenization Asset Platform.

Crypto Business World – The Company's quality content platform for all updates in the crypto market. It integrates in-house and external content to deliver subject matter across all platforms—news and articles, videos and podcasts, analysis reports, and press releases.

Keeping the FinTech world's prospects in the upcoming years, Crypto Asset Rating Inc has isolated planning to develop other fintech products and services like Crypto Index, Exchange rating, Sovereign Rating, ETF rating: that procures revenue potential.

Media Team
Crypto Asset Rating Inc
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Opportunity to Invest in our Crowdfunding

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Move United and Robert Swan Announce “Undaunted” Expedition to South Pole

Explorer Robert Swan

Explorer Robert Swan

Warfighter Cameron Kerr Cross Country Skiing

Warfighter Cameron Kerr

Legendary Explorer to complete crossing of Antarctica with team of post 9/11 combat veterans with Move United and National Journalist Bob Woodruff

I am inspired to be part of the ‘Undaunted’ expedition and to shine a light on the sacrifice and incredible resiliency of our military veterans”

— Bob Woodruff

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED_STATES, April 16, 2021 / — Legendary polar explorer Robert Swan, the first person in history to walk to the North and South Poles, is partnering with Move United on “Undaunted: Military Veteran Expedition to the South Pole.” This expedition, scheduled for January 2022, will feature the completion of Robert Swan’s lifelong mission to traverse the Antarctic continent while accompanied by a diverse team of post-9/11 combat veterans as well as ABC News Correspondent Bob Woodruff.

Like Swan, these veterans exemplify fortitude, grit and resiliency as they overcome the visible and invisible scars of battle. The Undaunted expedition will be the next great test of their lives – an overland journey to the South Pole. As they traverse one of the only places on Earth that has never known war, the expedition will highlight important themes about service, strength, diversity and the environment.

“I am honored to complete my lifelong mission of crossing the Antarctic continent alongside a team of heroes. I have dedicated my life to the preservation of Antarctica and fight against global climate change. I hope ‘Undaunted’ shines a light on these important environmental themes while showcasing the incredible resiliency of our military veteran community,” Swan said.

The team includes Marine combat veteran Sunny Li, and Army combat veterans Elana Duffy, Cameron Kerr and Chanda Mofu.

National journalist and ABC correspondent Bob Woodruff will be joining Swan and the team on this expedition. While on assignment in Iraq in 2006, Woodruff was severely wounded by a roadside bomb, and his life was saved thanks to the quick actions of brave soldiers, medics, and military medical professionals. That experience inspired Woodruff and his family to create the Bob Woodruff Foundation to ensure that our nation’s impacted veterans, service members, and their families have access to the highest level of support and resources they deserve, for as long as they need it.

“As we approach the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, our brave service members, veterans, and their families are top of mind. I am inspired to be part of the ‘Undaunted’ expedition and to shine a light on the sacrifice and incredible resiliency of our military veterans, while underscoring Robert Swan’s mission to save Antarctica and fight climate change,” Woodruff stated.

This diverse team of combat military veterans will test their strength as they battle whiteout conditions, hidden crevasses and temperatures plunging 40 degrees below zero to reach the South Pole.

Move United is a national leader in serving the nation’s disabled veterans through sport and the partnership with the expedition aligns perfectly with its values. Annually Move United empowers 100,000 youth and adults with disabilities to live to their fullest potential. Through the Move United Warfighters program, which offers sports rehabilitation for veterans and members of the Armed Services with physical disabilities, more than 16,500 wounded warriors and their family members have been able to experience the power of sport at no cost to the warfighter or family.

“We are focused on shifting the narrative from disabled to this abled,” said Glenn Merry, executive director of Move United. “Experiences like this expedition push what’s possible for people with disabilities and show the world what is possible. We are thrilled to partner with Robert Swan, Bob Woodruff and the Undaunted Team to highlight the resiliency of these veterans in their quest to the reach the South Pole.”

Emmy-award winning director and cinematographer Lucian Read, who documented the US military extensively in Iraq and Afghanistan, will accompany the team to create a documentary feature about the expedition. The Explorer's Passage will assist in providing logistical and operational support for the Undaunted Mission.

To learn more about the “Undaunted” mission, please visit

To donate, please visit, (please specify “Undaunted: Veterans Mission to the South Pole” in the toggle).

Shuan Butcher
Move United
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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Clutch Solutions Welcomes Gino LoVetere to their Leadership Team

Gino LoVetere, North American Director of Sales

GILBERT, AZ, USA, April 16, 2021 / — Gilbert, AZ: Clutch Solutions welcomes seasoned leader Gino LoVetere to the Clutch team as the new North American Director of Sales.

Clutch Solutions is excited to welcome Gino LoVetere, as their new Director of Sales, joining their North American team. With twenty-two years’ experience as a regional sales manager, Gino brings the interpersonal and communication skills it takes to go above and beyond as a manager while also providing team leadership skills that will contribute to his managing, motivating, incentivizing, and empowering the Clutch sales team.

President Garrette Backie said on Monday that Clutch Solutions looks forward for their continuing growth by adding Gino LoVetere to the Clutch family.

“Having worked in IT sales for 22 plus years,” said Lovetere, “I’ve learned to appreciate how IT plays a critical role in helping businesses in any industry reach their maximum potential.

“I am excited and thankful to have joined Clutch Solutions. We are a fast growing company and yet we remain nimble with our clients. Clutch Solutions has a dynamic work environment. We have one goal in mind: how can we make Clutch Solutions a “go to” partner for our clients’ IT needs.

“The future is bright!”


Clutch Solutions is a recognized Native Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) with the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) and an authorized partner with technology leaders such as Microsoft, HPE, Dell, Cisco, VMWare, Nutanix, Lenovo, and over 1,000 other OEMs. Clutch offers solutions focused on IT modernization, performance-enhancing and cybersecurity offerings, and related professional services bringing more than 20 years of experience and mission-critical expertise in security, networking, analytics, collaboration, mobility and cloud solutions.

Matthew Brandenburg, CMO
Clutch Solutions, LLC
Visit us on social media:

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Bolden Ventures to launch professional athlete-focused digital assets management subsidiary

Bolden Ventures unveils new subsidiary called Athletes Block Capital

Bolden Ventures reveals new subsidiary called Athletes Block Capital logo

The founder Jonah Bolden is a next-generation visionary advocating for the creation of capital to empower millions of underserved people around the world.

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 16, 2021 / — When asked about his low-profile status and time away from social media, NBA athlete Jonah Bolden responded with, "When you learn that the true essence of entrepreneurship and becoming your own boss is simply being comfortable with building relationships, integrating intellectual thoughts and conversations with other people from around the world through different mediums of networking, and taking big risks; it becomes easier to humble yourself and be grateful for every chance you get to wake up and live another day."

Thinking has long been perceived as computational; it’s just that now, blockchains provide the additional functionality required to better realize all of these ideas. Decentralized finance is one of the rarest breakthroughs humanity has ever seen, it’s no wonder things are going on around us today that go beyond some of our wildest dreams. Recently, the companies founder Jonah Bolden stepped out of his low profile to begin creating teams focused on educating, guiding, and transitioning professional athletes into the decentralized finance space.

Bolden Ventures — the private equity investment firm — is now preparing to launch their first digital assets fund, with a laser focus on financial literacy, open-access education, and economic inclusion, according to two sources familiar with the team. BV, a relatively new yet prosperous group of business partners and private equity investors, started in the crypto space dating back to 2015. The company’s founder Jonah Bolden is beginning to become less known for his on-court athletic NBA stardom and more renowned for his low-profile yet extraordinarily successful on-chain investment strategies.

“We believe that with the onset of blockchain technology, web 3.0, and distributed ledger systems; people will begin to see the real-world benefits of truly open and decentralized financial systems. As more and more individuals start to leverage these innovations, we will begin to see a more efficient economic system based on value production incentives rather than the monetary system we see ourselves operating on today.”

– Founder, Jonah Bolden

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia; Jonah has gone from the bright lights, roaring arenas, and 36th pick in the NBA draft, to computer scientist-filled classrooms, online MIT conferences, and successfully starting his investment company with the help of his business team. Despite having lived in multiple regions all over the world, and essentially decentralizing his own thought process throughout his traveling years, Bolden has always maintained his strong ties to hometown hoops, high school buddies, and communities throughout Australia. He believes that "sports are not only a global phenomenon but also a vehicle for social cohesion and a foundational set of beliefs we all share." When you think about it, sport really is the one thing that unites us all – no matter our age, gender, or appearance.

Pioneering this new initiative alongside Jonah is a carefully crafted team of software engineers, qualitative analysts, regulatory advisors, and blockchain enthusiasts. Jemima Law is another Australian on the Bolden Ventures staff that specializes as one of their most data-driven and analytical research analysts. With a successful track record in the capital markets and more recent roles such as Senior Associate of Corporate Finance at Commonwealth Bank. Law is also the co-founder of ARIS, an Australian clothing label that creates effortless pieces for the modern professional woman.

The newest addition to the Bolden Ventures staff is famously known software developer and crypto enthusiast, Shweta Chauhan, a veteran in the blockchain and decentralized finance sector. Chauhan is known for being named on the Forbes Top 30 Most Inspirational Women list to break boundaries through her senior development role at Kblocks, a Cardano stake pool operator, and lead technical position at Accenture, the world's largest independent technology services provider. Chauhan co-founded the Lovelace Academy, which focuses on inspiring, educating, and guiding software developers and visionaries to build on top of the Cardano blockchain

“Personally, I’m thrilled that athletes have finally started noticing the Decentralized Finance space. The purpose of DeFi is to make every part of finance accessible to all. Since joining Bolden Ventures, I have identified the biggest challenge to adoption and the only way to make DeFi a household name, which is financial education. DeFi is something that can be customized as per the needs of any industry, not just finance, but financial literacy is the first step to financial freedom. So we want to make sure that company values are adhered to as we invest in other areas that align to our goals.”

– Shweta Chauhan

The fund will be named ‘Athletes Block Capital’ and will launch with five decentralized finance investment sectors: insurance, finance, privacy, infrastructure, and identity. The team plans to add at least three more sectors within the first 18 months. Recently, unreleased documents were sent out internally amongst the team, detailing some of the key benefits investors will receive when joining, here they are:

• “Handling and Control: Our funds enable you the investor to retain full custody of your assets at all times. Your money goes exactly where you want it to, whenever you want it. Finally, we can empower the average citizen to take control of their wealth and embark on their road to financial freedom.”

• “Peace of mind: By optimizing smart contracts and blockchain technology we say goodbye to the old days and remove the need for any order books, erase any liquidity concerns and guarantee zero-slippage when mitigating risk. Re-balancing your portfolios have never been easier.”

• “Signature Client Solutions: White-label services to suit the needs of high net-worth clients. Whether working with HNW individuals like professional athletes, individual angel investors, or retail investors who are simply looking at ways to hedge the dying dollar, our analysts possess the knowledge, patience, and experience necessary to fit the needs of anyone.”

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Source: EIN Presswire