NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 23, 2018 / — The Stati Parties have requested permission from the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia in Stati et al. v. Rep. of Kazakhstan to take steps to enforce and execute the $520 million arbitral award issued in their favor against Kazakhstan under the Energy Charter Treaty, including by attaching Kazakh state commercial assets in the United States.

The Stati Parties expect the D.C. court to rule imminently on this motion, filed April 23, 2018, at which time they will aggressively move to seize any such assets that their ongoing investigation reveals. The Stati Parties have already begun the process of obtaining discovery — which, under U.S. law, permits a judgment creditor to obtain information concerning a judgment debtor’s assets on a worldwide basis — from both Kazakhstan and from the U.S.-based financial institutions that manage its assets.

Indeed, a U.S. federal court has recently ordered a major U.S. financial institution to provide testimony concerning Kazakh state assets. The Stati Parties are seeking additional discovery, including the deposition of a senior U.S.-based Kazakh government official.

The Stati Parties’ motion to begin enforcement activities in the United States follows on the heels of a decision of the D.C. court granting the Stati Parties’ request for recognition of the arbitral award as an enforceable U.S. judgment under the terms of the New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards. In granting the Stati Parties’ request on March 23, 2018, the D.C. Court rejected Kazakhstan’s defenses to recognition and enforcement in their entirety, and recognized and entered judgment against Kazakhstan for the full amount of the award.

In confirming the award, the D.C. court, for the second time, refused to allow Kazakhstan to introduce its claimed evidence that the award was “procured by fraud,” and rejected Kazakhstan’s argument that it had erred when it ruled, in May 2016, that the award itself showed that the tribunal had not relied on any “fraudulent evidence” when it ruled in the Stati Parties’ favor.

The Stati Parties’ U.S. enforcement efforts are part of the long-running battle to enforce an arbitral award issued in December 2013 for violating the investor protection provisions of the Energy Charter Treaty. A tribunal constituted under the auspices of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce found that Kazakhstan violated its international obligation to treat the Stati Parties’ investments fairly and equitably and awarded the Stati Parties more than US$500 million in damages, legal costs, and interest.

The award has since been fully upheld by two tiers of the Swedish judiciary, including the Swedish Supreme Court.

In addition to their planned enforcement activities in the U.S., the Stati Parties have now secured attachments of Kazakhstan’s property worth approximately US$28 billion before various courts in the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, and Luxembourg, respectively. In light of the award’s recognition and pending enforcement in the United States and the $28 billion in Kazakh state assets attached in the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, and Luxembourg, the Stati Parties note that the recent decision of an English court to allow a trial on Kazakhstan’s contrived fraud allegations is disappointing but ultimately irrelevant to their global enforcement strategy.

On May 11, 2018, an English court issued a ruling that the Stati Parties could not discontinue recognition and enforcement proceedings commenced several years ago in the England, based on certain fraud allegations made by Kazakhstan that have since been dismissed by courts in the U.S. and Sweden (including the Swedish Supreme Court). The English court ordered to conduct a trial on the hypothetical question of whether enforcement of the award would contravene English public policy, notwithstanding the fact that the Stati Parties are not seeking enforcement in England because of their successful enforcement activities in other jurisdictions and because they lack the financial resources to continue their enforcement efforts in England in light of the court’s decision to conduct a full trial notwithstanding that the fraud allegations made by Kazakhstan have been dismissed by courts in the U.S. and Sweden as having no effect on the award.

In making its ruling, the English court has chosen to ignore the fact that the highest court at the seat of the arbitration in Sweden and the courts in the U.S. have rejected that such fraud allegations had any impact on the arbitration award. Rather than continue to waste time and resources on a trial in England, where the Stati Parties are no longer seeking enforcement, the Stati Parties instead intend to continue aggressively to seek collection of the award based on attachments of Kazakh state commercial assets in those jurisdictions that respect the determination rendered by the highest court of the seat of arbitration in Sweden to the effect that the award is proper and enforceable.

Kimberly Macleod / Chris Winans
kmacconnect pr
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Local Insurance Experts Offer Auditing for Hobart Small Businesses

HOBART, TASMANIA, AUSTRALIA, May 23, 2018 / — Hobart-based insurers, iWest Insurance Brokers, are offering comprehensive auditing of insurance for small businesses in the area. The introduction of this auditing process aligns with a boom in Tasmanian small business.

Recent findings from the 2017 Sensis Business Index (SBI) have found Tasmanian small businesses to be the most confident in Australia.

“Tasmania really is leading Australia in terms of business confidence and perception of the economy. We haven’t seen numbers this strong in nearly ten years,” says Sensis CEO John Allan.

iWest have over 35 years of experience providing professional insurance advice to local Tasmanian businesses. They are located in the heart of North Hobart, Tasmania.

“We believe in developing strong relationships with our Tasmanian clients. We know every business is different, and believe that you deserve the right amount of personal attention to get the most appropriate cover from your insurance adviser,” says iWest Director Mark West.

“Our 22 step review process covers every aspect of your business and the risks you face to find the right insurance for you at the right price. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to insurance. Our brokers at iWest have the experience and understanding to deliver the right insurance package for you.”

iWest are Authorised Representatives of business insurance broker networks, like PSC Connect, that allow them greater leverage in terms of buying and negotiating power.

If you are a small business owner looking to learn more about iWest Insurance Broker’s new auditing process please visit or call 0457 100 200 to talk an insurance expert.

About iWest Insurance Brokers

iWest has over 35 years experience as a leading adviser and provider of risk financing, insurance, risk management and claims management solutions for Tasmanian businesses.

As a local Tasmanian broker, we are focussed on developing relationships and delivering the most appropriate solutions for our clients. iWest provide professional insurance advice to Tasmanian associations, companies, partnerships, sole traders and individuals regarding risk identification and minimisation, policy selection and claims administration.

Mark West
iWest Broking
email us here
03 6231 9100

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The investments into various altcoins have brought the early proponents of virtual payment systems the returns that are nothing short of spectacular.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, May 23, 2018 / — It’s no wonder that the cryptocurrency space commands such intense attention. The investments into various altcoins have brought the early proponents of virtual payment systems the returns that are nothing short of spectacular. In fact, cryptocurrency valuations in 2017 have grown to nearly a trillion dollars, which signifies a 5500% increase from 2014. Compared to the stock market with its puny 7-15% return, crypto appeared to be that “holy grail” of investment every individual with money to burn is hoping to find some day.

But by now, the attitude towards virtual currencies had changed drastically. The list of failed or fraudulent cryptocurrency enterprises is a mile long, and regulators are either unable or unwilling to address the persistent problems in the space. Still, whatever is your feeling towards crypto, its meteoric rise is unequivocally due to the flourishing of the blockchain technology. And the Blockchain Technology Foundation is created to make sure that the proverbial light remains brightly lit for those who realize that the cryptocurrency merely is one of many applications the blockchain technology had spawned.

For instance, it’s obvious that the flaws in the banking sector are making our lives miserable. The lengthy validation periods for various remittances drives us crazy. The constant meddling by third parties makes virtually any transaction many times more expensive than it needs to be. The continuous necessity to interact with a physical agent – a banking branch, an accountant, a tax office – slows things down to a crawl and complicates business settlements tremendously. The many other inconveniences are abundant and apparently are not going away any time soon.

The BCTF is working with the volunteer blockchain enthusiasts to fix all these problems by facilitating research into the three whales the future economy will rest upon – decentralization, transparency, and speed of transaction. The blockchain-based networks implement those standards by simply distributing data among the nodes situated throughout the world, rather than keeping it on a local server. The BCTF regional offices will oversee the process.

We will help aspiring businesses and working people to unpack and utilize the obvious advantages of the blockchain in many capacities. For instance, creating registries of labor contracts on blockchains is gaining popularity right now and the BCTF volunteer developers are already testing software for the creation of a specific smart contract that enumerates and codifies relationship between an employer and an employee. This particular application of the blockchain technology is incredibly timely for the third world countries where the worker-boss interactions are still very fluid.
In a world where tens of millions of people are earning their wages through forced labor, where child labor is rampant, and even slavery is no longer a remnant of the past, this blockchain application is particularly important.

The BCTF volunteer developers are making significant strides in the realm digital identity. Correctly authenticating parties to an online transaction has been a challenge since the appearance of an online marketplace model in the early 2000s. At BCTF, we’re consulting several developer teams who are working on layering the security on a blockchain in such a way that would expedite transactions while ensuring total privacy and complete transparency. It may sound dull to you but remember that even in 2018 we still live in a world, in which more than a billion people have no verifiable identity. It is essential to include those people in global processes, give them voices, ways to earn wages and spend their earnings without the risk of being defrauded or robbed.

Once the issues of identity are settled, the BCTF will oversee the creation of data exchanges. Think of them as eBay for information – data, ideas, patents, copyright, etc. The BCTF and its team of volunteer researchers and developers will make sure that this critical path is explored with due diligence. It is our firm belief that data should be moving freely on the internet and available to everyone similar to fresh water: regardless of the aggressive corporate attempts to turn the natural wealth into commodities and tradable assets, our planet/our data belongs to all of us.

Michel Nostredame
Blockchain Technology Foundation (BCTF)
+41 41 777 44 44
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在巴厘丽思卡尔顿酒店,我们努力为包括儿童在内的所有客人留下难忘的体验。丽思儿童夜间野生动物园活动(Ritz Kids Night Safari)带来一份户外的探险和刺激,以及奢华露营可在自我舒适和安全的的套房或别墅中尝试有趣的体验”

— Karim Tayach

NUSA DUA, BALI, INDONESIA, May 23, 2018 / — 快乐的孩子意味着快乐的父母,丽思卡尔顿酒店一系列趣味活动中新增夜间野生动物园体验,为什么不在假期中放纵一下您的孩子,让他们留下一个难忘的回忆?

这个田园般,适合家庭度假的海滨度假胜地位于努沙杜瓦,延展于铺满棕榈树的沙滩,最近在世界豪华酒店奖项评选中荣获“亚洲豪华家庭度假酒店奖”。丽思儿童计划和设施完善的儿童游戏室提供各种独特和创新的活动,帮助孩子们在度假酒店中度过众多美好时光 -从钓鱼,舞蹈,音乐,艺术到手工艺,许多灵感来自于岛上深远的文化和传统。当孩子们尽享自己的欢乐时光时,父母们无论躺在泳池边的日光椅上,参与瑜伽课,还是自我放纵在巴厘岛奢华的丽思卡尔顿水疗中心,都可以花一些时间来放松,舒缓和陶醉于世界一流度假酒店的设施。度假酒店为了让家人们能在一起有高质量的家庭时光,还提供了许多以家庭为主题的项目,包括风筝追跑和海龟保护计划。

“在巴厘丽思卡尔顿酒店,我们努力为包括儿童在内的所有客人留下难忘的体验。丽思儿童夜间野生动物园活动(Ritz Kids Night Safari)带来一份户外的探险和刺激,以及奢华露营可在自我舒适和安全的的套房或别墅中尝试有趣的体验,“总经理 Karim Tayach说道。




奢华露营建议针对4-8岁的儿童。房间内搭建布置的价格为IDR 800,000印尼盾,另需额外支付每日套房或别墅21%的政府税费和服务费。

# # #

巴厘岛丽思卡尔顿酒店提供优雅的热带风情,是一处奢华的度假胜地,可从惊赞的悬崖和海滨环境中感受得益。度假客人可欣赏到印度洋湛蓝海面上静谧的景观;在313间宽敞奢华的套房和别墅尽情享受田园般的浪漫,家庭或商务活动。丽思卡尔顿俱乐部(Ritz-Carlton Club®)拥有六个时尚的餐饮场所;一个放纵,带异国情调,并受海洋风情激发的水疗中心;一个迷人的海滨教堂,带趣味和休闲的丽兹儿童,宽敞的会议设施和书写终身记忆的婚庆场所。

丽思卡尔顿奖励是丽思卡尔顿酒店集团的忠诚计划,其位于马里兰州切维蔡斯,目前在31个国家和地区经营近100家酒店和度假村。会员可参与全球丽思卡尔顿和万豪国际酒店赚取和兑换积分。万豪奖励(Marriott Rewards®)包含丽思卡尔顿奖励(Ritz-Carlton Rewards®)的会员可通过与喜达屋优先顾客(Starwood Preferred Guest®)的账户链接获得更多优惠,包括即时精英身份匹配和跨酒店无限积分转移。欲了解更多信息或预订,请访问公司网站。L.L.C.是万豪国际集团(纳斯达克股票代码:MAR)的全资子公司.

Prhativi Dyah
The Ritz-Carlton, Bali
+(62)361 849 8988
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Financial Fitness Group Expands Morningstar Relationship to Launche Financial Education Solution for Financial Services

The new Morningstar® Investing Classroom™Deluxe offers financial services firms the opportunity to create engaged, confident and educated investors

SAN DIEGO, CA, USA, May 22, 2018 / — Precision Information, LLC., DBA Financial Fitness Group (FFG)(, headquartered in San Diego, CA, which provides interactive financial education solutions for the financial services industry and Inc. 5000 companies across the nation, celebrates 20 years of providing financial education to the American workforce by launching a new financial education solution with Morningstar, Morningstar® Investing Classroom™ Deluxe, an educational tool with expanded topics and a gamification engine to help investors track the progress of their financial goals.

“It is exciting to see a simple but innovative idea that was hatched and then refined by a graduate student and later a faculty member at the UW-Madison grow to positively impact thousands of companies and millions of people,” said Joe Saari, Founder & Chairman of Financial Fitness Group. “Our work with Morningstar is helping us make a positive impact in empowering people to take control of their financial fitness.”

Over ten years ago, FFG and Morningstar worked together to launch the original Morningstar® Investing Classroom™, which helps savers improve their investing skills and consists of interactive online courses, quizzes, and learning modules, that are available on and from financial services firms who license the content for their users.

Morningstar Investing Classroom Deluxe expands the Investing Classroom offering with more than 250 interactive courses including financial planning, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and more. The expanded product now boasts a mobile-friendly design to allow for anytime learning and a recommendation engine to help investors build a personalized financial action plan. Another new feature is the gamification engine, which allows investors to track progress within Investing Classroom Deluxe.

“Morningstar and FFG are working together to achieve a shared mission: help investors make informed decisions,” said Marc DeMoss, Morningstar’s head of research licensing and distribution. “FFG is a long-standing collaborator with Morningstar on improving financial wellness and increasing financial education for investors. We are excited to broaden our offering with the enhanced content and functionality we’re adding to Investing Classroom Deluxe.”

Financial Wellness in America
Since the 1970’s, the United States has shifted the burden of saving for retirement from the employer to the employee. Pensions are now a thing of the past, and employees have taken on the sole responsibility for their financial futures. 80% of the workforce is living paycheck to paycheck – with 46% of those employees stressing about finances at work at least 3 hours per week. FFG, was created to help empower the individual to become more profitable and suffer less daily stress.

About Precision Information, DBA Financial Fitness Group:
Financial Fitness Group (FFG) is an enterprise software company that developed multiple academically based financial e-learning platforms and actionable ecosystems designed to maximize employee engagement, personal financial knowledge, and predictive behavioral linkages. Since 1998 Financial Fitness Group has partnered with the country’s most forward-thinking financial institutions and workforce service providers to empower more than 2 million employees within more than 1,000 major U.S. corporations, universities and government agencies. Our cloud-based, independent and unbiased financial education and engagement platform, assesses and benchmarks participants overall financial fitness. Our company was founded in 1998 based on scientific research around how to improve the financial literacy of the citizens of the United States. That research continues to this day and is the driving force, along with our clients, to continuously meet the new challenges facing those with financial stress.

About Morningstar, Inc.
Morningstar, Inc. is a leading provider of independent investment research in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. The company offers an extensive line of products and services for individual investors, financial advisors, asset managers, retirement plan providers and sponsors, and institutional investors in the private capital markets. Morningstar provides data and research insights on a wide range of investment offerings, including managed investment products, publicly listed companies, private capital markets, and real-time global market data. Morningstar also offers investment management services through its investment advisory subsidiaries, with more than $201 billion in assets under advisement and management as of March 31, 2018. The company has operations in 27 countries.

Morningstar Media Relations Contact:
Godhuli Gupta, +1 312 244-7577 or

Georgette Regan
Financial Fitness Group
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North American Nuclear Energy Industry Sounds Confident Note on SMR Deployment, Supply Chain Readiness

IDAHO FALLS, UNITED STATES, May 22, 2018 / — A series of prominent speakers at a May 15-16, 2018 Ready4Nuclear workshop with a capacity crowd of key Western U.S. and Canadian suppliers expressed optimism regarding emerging advanced Small Modular Reactors (SMR) deployments at the Idaho National Laboratory and the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories.

The nuclear suppliers workshop was held at the INL Energy Innovation Laboratory's Meeting Center in conjunction with the U.S. Nuclear Industry Council (USNIC).

Keynoters included INL Director Dr. Mark Peters; Idaho Director of Commerce Bobbi-Jo Meuleman; Consulate General of Canada/Seattle Trade Commissioner Cheryl Schell; NuScale Power executives; and Chalk River Laboratory officials. Leading U.S. and Canadian supply chain presenters included Curtiss-Wright; AECOM; X-energy; Premier Technology; Vigor Industrial; Energy Steel; Center for Advanced Nuclear Manufacturing; Studsvik Scandpower; Morgan Lewis; Huntington Ingalls Industries; Tri-Cities WA Economic Development Council; Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries; Clean Tech Alliance; and a phalanx of top Idaho-based academic and business development organizations. Special presentations focused on the Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear (GAIN) and the National Nuclear Security Administration's Export Controls requirements.

Workshop co-sponsors included NuScale Power; Regional Economic Development Eastern Idaho; Canadian Nuclear Laboratories; Consulate General of Canada/Seattle; Ontario/Canada Ministry of International Trade; AtoS; Maidana Research; Curtiss-Wright; and Idaho Department of Commerce.

The NRC is expected to certify NuScale Power's design, and the company's first customer, Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems, is planning a 12-module SMR plant in Idaho slated for operation by the mid-2020s based on the certified design. In addition, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) has issued an invitation to small modular reactor (SMR) project proponents to evaluate the construction and operation of a demonstration SMR project at a site it manages. CNL has set a goal to demonstrate the commercial viability of SMRs and aims to have a new SMR constructed on or more of its sites by 2026.

The USNIC's Ready4Nuclear initiative provides a platform to facilitate suppliers expanding or establishing supply chain networks in areas where advanced nuclear energy deployment is projected and advanced manufacturing capabilities are available.

The workshop's agenda topics included: Current and future nuclear energy generation/supplier landscape; What nuclear reactor companies need; Required certifications, capabilities and resources; Becoming an approved vendor; Breaking into the nuclear power plant supply chain; Building a regional supply chain network; Workforce development; NRC and export control regulations; and global export commerce. The workshop featured a Special NuScale Power Program Update and tours of INL's Human System Simulation Laboratory and High Temperature Test Laboratory.

The USNIC Ready4Nuclear series has sponsored companion supply-chain workshops in St. Louis, Pittsburgh and Oak Ridge. For more information visit


The United States Nuclear Industry Council (USNIC) is the leading U.S. business consortium advocate for new nuclear and promotion of the American supply chain globally. Composed of nearly 90 companies USNIC represents the "Who's Who" of the nuclear supply chain community, including key utility movers, technology developers, construction engineers, manufacturers and service providers. USNIC encompasses eight working groups and select task forces including a Manufacturing & Supply Chain Working Group. For more information visit

Caleb Ward
United States Nuclear Industry Council (USNIC)
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M-Commerce Security Report by Appknox & SEWORKS Finds High-level Vulnerabilities in 84% of Shopping Apps

mcommerce security report appknox seworks

Based on security testing of top 50 mobile apps in the shopping category in the US

SAN FRANCISCO, USA, May 22, 2018 / — Mobile security companies, Appknox and SEWORKS, published the results of a joint detailed security assessment of the top 50 Android mobile shopping apps in the United States. The report, “Security Status in m-commerce,” reveals that more than 84% of the shopping apps have three or more high-level security vulnerabilities.

Prateek Panda, Co-Founder and CMO of Appknox said, “The idea is to generate awareness that many popular mobile apps built today are plagued by security issues and vulnerabilities. We chose the shopping category because this is one of the categories with the most downloaded apps that also involve numerous financial transactions on a daily basis. It’s important for businesses to become proactive and perform a security check before launching mobile apps. This report is an attempt to encourage a step in that direction.”

“Mobile shopping experience is becoming extremely convenient with options to store the consumer’s credit card and shipping address information. Often times, shoppers simply need to click on the purchase button on an app to complete their shopping, without entering any additional information. However, do those apps have sufficient security measures? That’s the key question we wanted to ask and that is what our report helps answer.” said Sung Cho, VP of Growth and Strategy for AppSolid.

Here are some of the security vulnerabilities Appknox and SEWORKS uncovered:

A total of 274 vulnerabilities were detected among the top 50 Android mobile shopping apps, and all had security risks. The apps were tested across 34 different security testing categories.

94% of the apps failed an “Unprotected Exported Receivers” test. Android apps export receivers, which respond to external broadcast announcements and communicate with other apps. For instance, when Receivers are not protected — hackers can modify the app’s behavior as they wish, and insert data that doesn’t belong to apps.

70% of the apps were found to be affected by “Unprotected Exported Activities.” Activities are executed via authorized access. When an Activity is exported with no protection, it can be remotely launched outside of the app. This may allow hackers to access to sensitive information, modify the internal structure of the applications, or deceive a user into communicating with the compromised application while believing they are still interacting with the original application.

64% of the apps were affected with “App Extending WebView Client.” When WebView Clients are not correctly protected in-app extensions, hackers can deceive users into inputting sensitive personal information in fake or copied apps, resulting in loss of user data, damages, and SSL compromises.

The complete list of security vulnerabilities can be found in the Appknox and SEWORKS report, “Security Status in m-commerce.”

Link to Download the Report:

About Appknox: Appknox is a cloud-based mobile security solution that helps businesses and developers discover and resolve security vulnerabilities, in a matter of minutes. Appknox is a product developed by XYSec Labs Pte. Ltd., a company headquartered in Singapore with offices in Bangalore and San Jose. Appknox is supported by JFDI Asia, Microsoft Accelerator, and Cisco Launchpad and was founded by Harshit Agarwal, Subho Halder, and Prateek Panda.

About SEWORKS: Founded by five-time DEF CON finalists, SEWORKS offers both offensive and defensive security solutions for mobile and web apps. Backed by Softbank Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures, Samsung Ventures, Smilegate Investment, and Wonik Partners, SEWORKS is headquartered in San Francisco with an R&D center in Seoul, Korea. SEWORKS’ AppSolid is a cloud-based mobile app security solution that provides advanced security within minutes. AppSolid offers a complete approach to mobile app security with its Protect and Track features.

Prateek Panda
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CVR Medical Retains BUYINS.NET to Surveil Short Sellers and Market Makers

CVR Medical Corp. (OTCQB:CRRVF)


CVR Medical Corp. (TSXV: CVM) (FSE: B3BN) (OTCQB: CRRVF) ("CVR Medical") announces it has retained BUYINS.NET,, a leading provider of Regulation SHO compliance monitoring, short sale trading statistics and market integrity surveillance, has initiated coverage on CVR Medical (OTCQB: CRRVF) (TSXV: CVM) (FSE: B3BN) after releasing the latest short sale data through May 17, 2018. The total aggregate number of shares shorted since January 2017 is approximately 14.37 million shares. Approximately 45.60% of daily trading volume is short selling. The SqueezeTrigger price for all CRRVF shares shorted is $0.38. A short squeeze is expected to begin when shares of CRRVF exceed this level.

Click here to view Report:
Click here for SqueezeTrigger:
Click here for Friction Factor:
Click here for detailed explanation:

Friction Factor calculates if a fair market is being made in the shares of CRRVF. 49% of the previous 35 trading days have been positive or bullish-biased and 51% have been negative or bearish-biased.

Regulation SHO requires bona-fide market-making activities to include making purchases and sales in roughly comparable amounts. The Commission has stated that bona-fide market-making DOES NOT include activity that is related to speculative selling strategies for investment purposes of the broker-dealer and is disproportionate to the usual market making patterns or practices of the broker-dealer in that security. Likewise, where a market-maker posts continually at or near the best offer, but does not also post at or near the best bid, the market-maker's activities would not generally qualify as bona-fide market-making. Moreover, a market-maker that continually executes short sales away from its posted quotes would generally not be considered to be engaging in bona-fide market-making.

BUYINS.NET monitors CRRVF market-makers daily for compliance with Fair Market-Making Requirements.

About CVR Medical

CVR Medical is a company that is involved in an equal parts joint venture with CVR Global Inc. (the "Joint Venture"). The Joint Venture operates in the medical industry focused on the commercialization of a proprietary subsonic, infrasonic, and low frequency sound wave analysis technology and has patents to a diagnostic device designed to detect and measure carotid arterial stenosis. CVR Medical is managed by a proven technical team. CVR Medical trades on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol CVM.


BUYINS.NET,, monitors trading in all US stocks in real time and maintains massive databases of short sale and naked short sale time and sales data, short squeeze SqueezeTrigger prices, market-maker price movements, shareholder data, statistical data on earnings, sector correlation, seasonality, hedge fund trading strategies and comparable valuations.


BUYINS.NET is not a registered investment adviser and nothing contained in any materials should be construed as a recommendation to buy or sell any securities. CRRVF has paid $1,667 per month for six months of data provided in this and subsequent reports. CRRVF has not approved the statements made in this release. Please read our report and visit our web site,, for complete risks and disclosures.

For further information contact:

Peter Bakema, CEO, President and Director
Marc S. Lubow.
Vice President Capital Markets, Investor Relations
Telephone: (904) 923 – 4037
Brisco Capital Partners Corp.
Scott Brisco, President
Telephone: (403) 262-9888
Thomas Ronk

This press release contains forward-looking information that involves various risks and uncertainties regarding future events related to the Joint Venture. Such statements are subject to risks and uncertainties that may cause actual results, performance or developments to differ materially from those contained in the statements and are not guarantees of future performance of the Company. No assurance can be given that any of the events anticipated by the forward-looking statements will occur or, if they do occur, what benefits the Company will obtain from them. These forward-looking statements reflect management's current views and are based on certain expectations, estimates and assumptions which may prove to be incorrect. A number of risks and uncertainties could cause our actual results to differ materially from those expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements, including: (1) a downturn in general economic conditions in North America and internationally, (2) the inherent uncertainties and speculative nature associated with commercialization of technology and the practice of medicine, (3) a change in health regulations, (4) any number of events or causes which may delay or cease commercialization and development of the Joint Venture, (5) the risk that the Company or the Joint Venture does not execute its business plan, (6) inability to retain key employees, (7) inability to finance operations and growth, and (8) other factors beyond the Company's control. These forward-looking statements are made as of the date of this news release and, except as required by law, the Company assumes no obligation to update these forward-looking statements, or to update the reasons why actual results differed from those projected in the forward-looking statements.


Peter Bakema
CVR Medical Corp.
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Liberty Technology Advisors, Inc. have acquired SoftwareWerks, LLC.

Liberty Technology Advisors, Inc. (LTA) has acquired SoftwareWerks, LLC, a Chicago-based ERP software selection and business process consulting company.

SoftwareWerks has established itself as a significant and very respected professional firm in the ERP and IT consulting world. I am thrilled that Joe Ambrose and SoftwareWerks are joining the LTA team”

— Joel Schneider, President of Liberty Technology Advisors

NORTHBROOK, IL, UNITED STATES, May 22, 2018 / — Northbrook, Illinois, USA, May 18, 2018 – Liberty Technology Advisors, Inc. (LTA) has acquired SoftwareWerks, LLC, a Chicago-based ERP software selection and business process consulting company. “SoftwareWerks has established itself as a significant and very respected professional firm in the ERP and IT consulting world. I am thrilled that Joe Ambrose and SoftwareWerks are joining the LTA team” stated Joel Schneider, President of Liberty Technology Advisors, Inc (LTA).

As a result, SoftwareWerks President, Joe Ambrose, has joined the LTA team executive team as their Practice Director, with direct responsibility for building and managing the growth and brand of LTA. Joe brings 25+ years of experience in leading technology, business process improvement, and organizational change initiatives and companies in a variety of industries. In addition, he has extensive experience in the ERP software space, including his role as President of an ERP consulting firm, with over 700 manufacturing and distribution customers in 15 states. “Over the years I have had the opportunity to get to know members of the LTA team and have experienced the high-quality work they deliver. I couldn’t be more excited about joining such an amazing team!” stated Joe Ambrose, President of SoftwareWerks.

With the acquisition of SoftwareWerks, LTA will add additional consulting services, exceptional consultants, an increased customer footprint throughout the United States, and a great reputation and brand in the enterprise software consulting industry.

About Liberty Technology Advisors, Inc. – LTA has been helping manufacturers, distributors, and companies from a variety of other industries streamline processes, improve operations, reduce costs and position them for growth for over 20 years. “Business. Done Better.” Isn’t just a motto at LTA, it is how we help our clients. LTA’s team of business operations and technology professionals – some of the most experienced people in the industry – develop efficient business processes and align technology to get their clients where they want to be.

About SoftwareWerks – SoftwareWerks is a Chicago based ERP Software Selection and business process consulting company focused on maximizing a mid-sized company’s investment in their enterprise software, implementation, and post-implementation strategy.

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Banking Veteran Enters Third Year of Improving Financial Institutions' Bottom Lines

A 25-year veteran of the banking industry finds himself in high demand as he finishes his second year working with Richmond, VA-based Strategic Risk Associates

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, May 22, 2018 / — As the rate of bank consolidations refuse to slow, financial institutions need to ensure they have the right skill sets on hand, either on staff or via outside expertise. As a result, a 25-year veteran of the banking industry finds himself in high demand as he finishes his second year working with Richmond, Virginia-based Strategic Risk Associates (SRA.)

Ray Santelli, Managing Director of Credit Advisory Services for SRA, says he has provided a wide variety of solutions to financial institutions over the past year, particularly by servicing problem asset accounts on a fractional basis. He has leveraged his quarter-century of experience in community banking, commercial lending, and special assets to provide cost effective problem asset solutions to his client banks.

"The primary result of the Great Recession, persistently low interest rates and enhanced banking regulations has been consolidation, and we're continuing to experience this in 2018," said Santelli. "When banks consolidate, there is typically a disturbance in staffing, and that leaves gaps in critical functions such as asset resolution."

An overview of the services that Santelli has provided for clients in the past year includes problem loan account servicing, implementation of Special Assets Best Practices, and special Assets Committee management.

The pace of consolidation in banking isn't likely to change and will continue to stress banks' human resources, especially special asset management staffing. To discuss your bank's asset resolution needs, please call Ray Santelli at (804) 347-2136.

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Source: EIN Presswire